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a psychiatrist who is passionate about weaving stories that help others enrich their relationships...

Who Am I?

Victoria Olasegha is a psychiatrist who is passionate about weaving stories that help others enrich their relationships but also draws them into a closer relationship with God. She is a passionate mental health advocate and this reflects in her writing. She draws on her own experiences and the experiences of others to create rich, empowering and relatable stories. When she is not working with people or writing or thinking of what next to write, she makes her home in Manchester with her family, where she is a wife and mother.

Personal Life

I am someone who loves God and others. I appreciate the simpler things of life because I find them to be the most profound. 

I am privileged to play a number of roles on a daily basis. A psychiatrist by profession, I am also an entrepreneur with several businesses, a music minister and a public speaker. I believe that in order to make maximum impact we must make use of everything God has placed in our hands to the best of our ability.

I am a wife and mother to a very active toddler and I love spending time with my family as we  grow and nurture each other. 

In my leisure time, I love to travel with family and friends, catch up with friends, read great stories and watch good movies. Even with all the strides in the movie industry, I still think that books are much better!

Awards & Nominations

"I write what I feel people can relate to...what I feel is authentic and honest....what I believe people are passing through...what I've also passed through and the lessons I've learnt..."

Victoria Olasegha

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I'm a pyschiatrist who loves to write.

Need a Speaker for Your Upcoming Event?

I have acted as a resource person and panelist for several fields and can speak on any of these areas including but not limited  to writing, mental health,  medical education, women empowerment, youth ministry and entrepreneurship. For enquiries for speaking engagements, email me.

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