Moonlight Christmas Stories Collection

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Moonlight Christmas stories are for you, but are also nice stories for Daddy, Mummy, your grandparents, your siblings and even your friends and neighbours. The stories teach us to love, to be nice, to be good citizens and to maintain cultures and values, and there is something to make you smile in nearly every page. Moonlight Christmas stories collection is sure to put everyone in the Christmas spirit!

Moonlight Christmas stories offers your child the opportunity to explore Christmas in a culturally-diverse way and at the same time strives to instill positive values, and lays a good framework for character building. It’s an eclectic but enjoyable collection that every child would be delighted to read. Each story has a rich infusion of the African tradition, language, nuances, diversity, culture, values and family togetherness. There’s joy, love, laughter as well as many opportunities to explore what the Christmas season feels like in Africa and in an African home. Moonlight Christmas is your much-awaited chance to connect with Africa at Christmas.

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1 review for Moonlight Christmas Stories Collection

  1. Sir Bobbie

    Sir Bobbie

    Definitely one to buy! I love the stories…lots of discussion points and some bring back nostalgic memories of my childhood too. It promotes the African culture and a sense of belonging for kids as well as teaching them great moral values. Can’t recommend enough

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