This one night


This one night.


There has been a monster in this room

I can smell him

He is not huge or black or hairy

He is right down next to me

Every day he sits beside me

I can’t seem to get him off me

The stench is overpowering

And threatens to engulf me

It has already paralyzed me

This monster called fear

I don’t know where the next blows will come from

Or in which way my face will be rearranged

I’m not sure what we will have for supper

Is it rice, or red cheeks

That have been slapped over and over

I have been told to leave him

To get another life, a better one

But every time I try, make an effort

Whenever I cry enough is enough

And then try to launch forth and sail away

The monster grabs me and holds me

He threatens to choke me

And I am left to continue as I have been doing

Hoping against hope

That this time we shall have rice for supper

And my bloodied and bruised face will be given a rest

At least for this night

This one  night.

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