Time dey run

E don tey wey I don dey try do plenty plenty things. I go get sometin for mind I go just talk say e go beta make I shift am to tomoro. Tomoro go come, I go talk say next tomoro. Bifor I know wetin dey happen, time don run, plenty years don pass, I neva do enitin.

The wahala be say ehn, plenty things dey for dis world wey man pikin fit do. If you be person like me wey dey chuuk eye inside every matter, day go come wey you go confuse. Dat na bicos na only one man pikin wey you be. Na bicos of dat we dey talk say make everibodi sabi wetin hin come do for dis world. If you sabi wetin Baba God send you, you no go dey need run follow everytin wey catch you for eye.

Even if you sabi wetin you Baba God send you ehn, tori neva finish o. You must to get wetin oyibo people dey call \’strategy\’.

If you dey waka like your brother Akpos, dey talk like your friend Yusuf, dey sleep like your uncle Sumonu, e don be for you.

Kasala go burst one day, one day. You go tanda for dia, nobodi go show you face. All the pipu wey you dey folo run dem run, walk dem walk, sleep dem sleep, dem go don go far. You go dey dia dey siddon look……

Okay o. Na true say for dis our Obodo Naijeria, na many many things no dey allow man pikin get beta plan for him life. Many many times sef, if you get beta plan, you fit just look everitin wey dey happen, you fit just weak……

Na why I dey talk about Strategy be dat.

God give you brain. Start to dey use am.

E get wetin dem dey call SMART G.

Na dem SMART G pipu get dis world o. Na dem dey run things.

Wetin come be SMART G na?

I see say you don dey move for yor chia. Cool temper, my broda. I go tell you, nau nau.

The S dey for Specific: Wetin e mean be say everitin wey you go do ehn, you go need dey sure say na the tin wey you wan do be dat. You go need write am down.

If you wan buy 2000 model Toyota Sienna with blue color, abeg write am down like that. If you go write say na \’car\’ you wan buy, my broda, no vex if na Volks baba God give you o! Ehen.

The M na for Measurable: E mean say everitin wey you go do ehn, you go fit look am talk say, \”ok o, I don do half\”. Abi you go look am talk say, \”Na quarter remain\”. Anytin wey you dey do, wey you no fit talk weda you dey run tins or tins dey run you, abeg my broda, make you start to dey tink am again o.

The A na for Action-Oriented. Some pipu dey talk say na \’Attainable\’. Any one wey you want, you fit put. The koko of the matter na say ehn, make you just sabi wetin you go do wey go helep you do dat tin wey you wan do. If you dey plan to enter Unifasiti and you no wan write JAMB, you no plan for Post-UME, you no get leta from obodo Oyibo, na OYO you dey o. Ehen! Anytin wey you go later do, abeg, begin dey do the tins wey you must do nau nau. Anytime wey awuuf for dat tin show, na make you jump enter go remain.

The R na for Realistic. Abeg my brother, I know say you go like to dey like Goodluck wey no get shoe, wey dey live for Aso Rock today. Na better tin be dat o. Na just say no be one day sometin o. Make you no plan to get moni like Bill Gates tomoro tomoro o. If you plan dat kin plan ehn, na thief you go be last last. Make you just cool down for baba God o. Na cloth wey you get now make you use sow ya short-nika.

The T na for Time-Bound. Plenty Pipu dey get nice nice idea. Dem dey do tins sef. Na just say, sometimes ehn, reach the time wey dem go peme, dem go just sempe for dia, notin go dey ground. Abeg, my broda, if baba God put any idea for ya mind, na nau nau make you put time on top. Just write am say, \’Na February I must don done dis tin\’

The last one, wey be G, na him sopos dey front front sef. G na baba God. Make I tell you true true, notin wey you fit do if baba God no put hand. If you do am sef, na OYO you dey.

Psalm 127:1-If God no put hand for house palava, people wey dem put hand, na OYO dem dey.

Victor Moody Olayemi

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