Questions Real Friends Should Ask Each Other

Questions Real Friends Should Ask Each Other.

Friendship is a wonderful thing, a precious thing. In the world we live in it is becoming even more difficult to find a person we can really trust or unburden ourselves too. That’s why when we find such people we must take time to nurture the friendship. Friends are meant to develop each other’s strengths and help work on each other’s weaknesses. It’s not just about saying hi, or going out on fun outings together. It’s about a sharing of hearts. In order to effectively do this, we must not be afraid to ask questions of those we call our friends.
Some questions we might need to ask are:
1. How can I be a better friend to you? Our friends may be stumped by this question at first but the truth is sometimes we hurt our friends either by our inattention or some of our thoughtless remarks or even craving too much for their attention. Such questions show that we really think of our friends as being very valuable to us and that we want to make them happy.
2. Are there any traits, attitudes or actions you see in my life that hinder my success? This is a question of appraisal. This helps you see if you and your friend can work together to make each other better. Answering such questions honestly can bring about improvement in ways you can’t even imagine.
3. What gifts and characteristics do you see as strengths in my life? This question serves as a kind of positive reinforcement for both of you. Sometimes others see our strengths much better than we do. The right friend can help you get even better in the area of your strengths.
4. How can I pray for you at this time of your life? A friend always needs our prayers. The Bible says to bear one another’s burdens. One of the best ways we can do this is to pray for our friends.
5. What goals and aspirations do you have for the future? This is a good question to ask because it gives us an idea of where our friend is going and whether we can join them for the ride. That’s because not all the people we meet are going the same way we’re going. Friendships are more productive when we can help each other work towards our goals and aspirations.
6. Are you hurting in any area of your life? This is a question we are usually reticent to ask. Sometimes our friends don’t want to tell us their problems. Other times they really just want us to ask them because it shows we care and are interested in their welfare. The trick lies in knowing when they want us to ask.
7. Are there any needs you have I can help you with? If we are good friends with the person, we might not always need to ask this question. But there are a few times when our friend’s needs might not be so apparent.
8. How do you deal with conflict? People have different ways of dealing with conflicts or disagreements, some healthy, others not.
9. What are your nicknames? What do you prefer to be called? Yeah, funny question right? Some of our friends have some wicked nicknames or appellations given to them by bullies that have stuck over the years. Some of them prefer to be called something else/
10. What has God shown you in His Word today? A great question to ask a real friend. Real friends try to help each other grow spiritually. And this can be done by being accountable to each other.

P.S: This is not an exhaustive list. What other questions do we think real friends can ask
each other?

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  1. Another question will be what are you struggling with in your life right now?

    This is really a nice piece esp in a world where real friendships are now scarce commodity. Thanks for this Vic

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