Setting Goals For Growth and Development.

The power found in goal setting is the way that results can be achieved. This means if anybody is going to get results, that individual must understand the power of setting goals. Put in the Biblical way, we must have a vision. A vision is the general thing that everybody has in their hearts, which they might not even be able to clearly define. Everybody has a vision in their heart which is for an appointed time. (Habakkuk 3:2) It is very important we understand some of these principles so that we do not mix things up. In this study we will lay emphasis on goal setting that must come to pass within a year (i.e. twelve calendar months). Goal setting is for an appointed time, we know that it will happen in the future. To make sure it happens in that time period, we must break it down into quantifiable steps for clarity. What usually happens is that many people are waiting on the fulfillment of their vision without setting goals out of those visions. This means that there are definite things that must be accomplished within twelve months, in order to put them in a better position for the fulfillment of that vision that they already have within their heart.

The principle of goal setting in one calendar year is scriptural. In Exodus 23 verse 29, God made it clear unto the people that He would not fulfill the vision in one year, but, ‘I will drive them out little by little’. God gave His reasons for this method. This means that the goal is going to be progressively realised over a period of time. There is going to be a fulfillment of part of the big picture. This will put you in a better position for the fulfillment of that dream. Setting goals takes it out of the point from where you are just a dreamer, to a place of being a visionary here you apply practical and workable insight into your activities. This means you have your own programme and time-table in your heart. There will be people that will come into your life to advice you on what to do because of your current position and ultimate destination. What this means is that you must have set programmes and goals. Then you begin to take it one step at a time by not violating your moral values for the fulfillment of the vision.

Christians generally miss it and do not understand when God gives a particular vision for an appointed time. What God is saying is that you have to start building goals out of the big vision that you have. You have to start putting certain things and structures in place one after the other and create for yourself the right platform in life for the fulfillment of that particular goal.

Once you offer up prayers to God you must believe you have received that particular thing. As you grow in life with intent or vision, you must have your set goals and follow the programme that you have within your heart. What begins to happen is that one measure of light begins, it adds to another measure of light and you receive insight and direction for the set goal. For example if you want to build something massive and if what you can see within your heart for the year is just putting up a pillar that is the goal you have to set for yourself. You begin to fulfill that particular thing and then it creates momentum and energy inside your heart which then moves you to the next stage.

The principle of goal setting is in accomplishing your goals which leads you to a point called the take-off point or tipping point where everything suddenly turns around and then the pace begins to accelerate and you reach your destination. Unfortunately most people sit down waiting for the fulfillment of their vision without setting goals. The truth about the matter is that you can have a vision from God that you don’t have the faith for today. This means you don’t have the faith for the fulfillment of that massive vision. You can see it clearly but you don’t have practical faith and insight for its fulfillment. On the other hand, you can have the insight and practical faith for an aspect of the vision. Once you have the faith and can believe to get the particular fragment or portion of that thing done, then what you need to focus on is in fulfilling that aspect of your vision.

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