Sons and Lovers

Episode 2.



“How is he now?” Remi said, putting her arm around Chidera who was involuntarily shivering. They were in the hospital’s waiting room. Richard had finally come round when he got to the school clinic. Chinasa had never felt more frightened.

“The doctors suspect that he has a heart condition. Some form of congenital heart defect that causes him to have fainting spells.”

“Hmm, that is serious,” Ruth said thoughtful. “Didn’t he know about it earlier?”

“They need to do some tests to confirm their diagnosis. He must have had it since birth but he didn’t know because there were no symptoms.”

“Will he need surgery?” Remi asked.

“I don’t know yet,” Chinasa said softly then smiled wryly. “Looks like I’ve bitten off more than I can chew.”

“I don’t think so,” Remi said confidently. “He’ll be fine.”

“It might even bring you guys closer together, Ruth said pinching her friend in the arm.

“I hear you. The doctor on duty said we should let him rest,” Chinasa said standing up.

“Let’s go to the hostel and you can tell me what you guys have been up to, ” she said pulling her friends to their feet.


“Just ask her out, man,” Peter said watching his friend’s face as he lay on his bed on the opposite side of the room. Fola was scrolling through his phone and glancing rather forlornly at the lack of whatsapp messages and missed calls.

Fola shot up like a bullet. “What are you talking about?”

“We both know you like her. You guys are good together. What are you waiting for?”’

“Peter, you don’t know what you are talking about,” Fola said scowling, with a note of warning in his voice.

“OK OK,”’ Peter said holding up his hands in surrender. “I’ll back off. But the sooner you do something about this babe, the better for you.”

Just then, the door too their room opened and Tomiwa bounded in grinning from ear to ear.

“How are you fellas?” he said clapping Fola on the back and giving Peter a high five.

“What’s wrong with you?” Peter said. “Abi that your rich uncle wey dey abroad don send u money?”

“Guy, wetin do you na?” Tomiwa retorted. “Na only money dey make person happy?”

Fola searched his friend’s face. “You met a girl,” he said slowly.

Tomiwa ignored him. “Abeg, which food una get for this your room? I’m hungry.”

“He has met plenty girls now. What’s so special about this one?” Peter said.

“Do you want to call Tomiwa a player? Be careful o. The boy na pastor,” Fola said, his voice teasing. “Is it his fault that all the girls are drooling over him and his fine face?”

“Don’t forget his limousine,” Peter said sarcastically.

“Abeg, you people should stop gossiping about me in front of my back, biko. Yes, I met a girl. She’s not just any girl. She’s the girl.”

“Ehen?” Fola exclaimed, eyes wide. “What is the babe’s name?”

“Her name is Ruth. I saw her around the library waiting for a bus so I offered her a ride to her hostel. We were about to order lunch together at the cafeteria when she got a distress call from one of her friends. But, at least I got her number.”

“Correct,” Peter said slapping his friend on the back. “I know say u no dey dull.”

“Hmm,” Fola said. “Sounds like one of Remi’s friends. She’s fair, right?”

“Yes. Very fair. With creamy skin,” Tomiwa added in a voice of awe.

Peter laughed. “Creamy skin ke? How you take know that one?”

“Ehen, speaking of Remi, Fola which day do you want to propose to the girl?”Tomiwa asked, leaning forward.

Fola gave Tomiwa a look.

“It’s true na. Hurry up and do it abeg. Time waits for no one.”

“Please help me tell him o,” Peter said.

Fola ignored them and said nothing. Then he picked up his phone and scrolled through it again and dropped it in disappointment. No new messages.


Ruth glanced at the message again and she knew what it implied. She had to hurry.  There was no time to waste. She would waste time trying to signal to Remi and Chinasa. If she slipped out of fellowship now, she could still get a night bus. She would call her friends later.

She wanted until they stood up for the prayer session before leaving the fellowship venue.

“Oh God,” she prayed. “Don’t let me be too late.”



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  1. Hi dear 🙂 Well done on the story. I’m having a challenge noting when you are switching scenes. If you had markers to indicate when you are on a new scene with different people, it would really help the reader to follow your story. But it’s interesting.

    Cheers, Ufuoma

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