Books that talk; Talent is never enough

>John. C. Maxwell as an internationally recognized leadership expert has written many books but this is undoubtedly one of his best. He\’s in effect saying; so you have talent, what do you do with it? Talent is often overrated and frequently misunderstood, he claims. If talent were enough, then the most effective and influential people would always be the most talented ones. And in case you were wondering if you were one of the unlucky few born without a talent, Maxwell says there\’s no chance of that. Everyone has a talent, some are aware of it, many are not, most don\’t maximize it.He says there are some key choices that can be made to maximize talent:
belief which lifts talent
passion which energizes talent
focus which directs talent
preparation positions talent
practice sharpens talent
perseverance sustains talent
courage tests talent
I won\’t spill all his secrets but there are a lot of other choices one needs to make to be truly successful. As I read through the book, I saw that it literally dripped with common sense and wisdom. There were also scores of practical examples of how to actually make something of your talent. Now, I have an idea of how the people on the Forbes richest 100 list made it there. Find this book, buy it, read it, study it and take notes. Your name might just end up on that list. (winks)

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