Letters from God: Finding God\’s will for your life


Find Out Gods Will for Your Life

by Adetokunbo Adeoye
Since getting a job is somehow relevant to finding your mate, it will be pertinent for you to begin the process of discovering God\’s will for your life—that\’s if you haven\’t already.

Before you can find God\’s will for your life, you would need to find God, first.

If someone wanted to give you some money, you would need to find the person in order to get the money. After you\’ve found the person, the individual would either give you the money, or direct you to where you would find it.

Similarly, you would need to find God in order to find His will for your life. This would in turn assist you in finding your spouse who is also part of God\’s plan for your life.

Even so, how can you begin to recognize what God has assigned you to do? How can you decipher His purpose for your life? Well, the first step is to begin to know God; get acquainted with Him; seek Him.

You can know Him based on what He reveals about Himself, which is in the Bible. It is through the scriptures that He primarily talks to us. It\’s also through them that I\’m presenting you with four points that will help you in figuring out the job he wants you to undertake.

  1. There will be a desire in your heart for the job.There will be a desire in your heart to undertake the job God has for you. You may not have it now, but it will come eventually, just like it did for Moses.

    \”Now when he was forty years old, it came into his heart to visit his brethren, the children of Israel\” (Acts 7:23).

    When Moses was forty years old…it came into his heart. What came into his heart? A desire to visit his fellow Israelites whom he was to deliver from Egypt came into his heart.

    Also, this took place when he was 40 years old. Moses was 80 years old when he went to Pharaoh to demand the release of his people. He died when he was 120 years old.

    Therefore, the desire to fulfill his mandate-at least part of it, came to him at the third of his life.

    There is always a timing factor. You may not know God\’s will for your life yet, but at the right time-at the set time, it will come into your heart. And when it does, that doesn\’t mean you should launch out immediately and do your job.

    You\’re probably untrained in the task. Don\’t jump the gun. Moses was 40 when he desired to visit his brethren. He proceeded to unofficially begin to deliver his brethren when he murdered an Egyptian. In a sense, he went ahead of himself, and this transformed him from a prince to a fugitive.

    You are not to start something before God\’s appointed time, even though that\’s what you\’re supposed to do. God is going to do it through you. You\’re the messenger; He\’s the sender. He\’s your Boss; He calls the shots.

    You\’re to wait on Him to train you on how to undertake the task, and give you the green light to execute the task.

    I\’m not saying you\’ll be 40 before you begin to ascertain God\’s will for your life, neither am I saying you\’ll be 80 before you get to do the job. At 80 you should be enjoying the fruits of your labor, and perhaps getting ready to meet God personally, and hear Him congratulate you for a job well done.

    Joseph was 17-years old when he dreamt about his job, which he actualized 13 years later. I hope you noted the time factor again. Notwithstanding, unless you want to wait till you\’re forty, you may want to start seeking God aggressively for the job He has for you, now.

  2. You\’ll have the necessary knowledge and ability to do the job.
    There is a saying that goes something like this: wherever God guides, He provides. God would have equipped you with the knowledge, and ability to accomplish your mission. You would have possessed the skills to do the job. Looking at Moses again:

And Moses was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians, and was mighty in words and deeds.
(Acts 7:22)

He possessed all the wisdom of the Egyptians. He possessed the knowledge and skills necessary to relate and communicate with the Egyptians.

The instrument that God used mightily in delivering His people was in Moses hand. Moses already possessed the means to the end—the skills to the task—the ability to fulfill God\’s purpose for his life. It was in his hand.

However, he had to find God first to draw his attention to the rod in his hand, and reveal to him what he could do with it—and how he could handle it.

I found it funny and profound that Moses ran away from the serpent. Perhaps you\’ve been running away from God\’s will for your life. Perhaps you\’ve been shying away from an ability God has given you to fulfill His calling on your life.

Don\’t be perturbed. Brace yourself. Handle that gift by the tail. Through God\’s help you\’ll be able to control, and utilize your gift to accomplish your mission in life.

  1. You\’ve probably used your ability to some capacity.
    You\’re probably using your ability in some form or fashion. Perhaps, you have an ability to influence a lot of people, which comes in handy in sales and overseeing companies. God can use your gifting to lead people to Him.Maybe you\’re a financial guru, good with numbers, and savvy with a variety of investment and money management strategies. God can use your financial acumen to deliver people from the land of debt.

    Both Moses\’ and Joseph\’s gifts brought them before great men—the pharaohs of Egypt. Interesting how both their skills were honed and enforced in Egypt.

  2. Those closest to you might give you hints about God\’s will for your life.
    Joseph had a dream and told it to his brothers and this was their response:

And his brothers said to him, \”Shall you indeed reign over us?\”
(Gen. 37:8)

Yes he did—indeed!

He also told another dream to them and his father, and this was their response:

So he told it to his father and his brothers; and his father rebuked him and said to him, \”What is this dream that you have dreamed? Shall your mother and I and your brothers indeed come to bow down to the earth before you?\”
(Gen. 37:9)

Absolutely! Joseph ended up reigning over them as governor of Egypt.

I said all these to let you know that, sometimes unfortunately, those closest to you, like your family members and friends, may not see your potential. In fact, they may tease you by questioning your qualification to handle certain tasks.

Prop your ears open if they do this; they may just be giving you hints of exactly what you\’re going to be doing. Their lack of perception of your potential doesn\’t invalidate God\’s purpose for your life.

If they don\’t support what you believe you\’re to be doing, don\’t be discouraged. God is the one who gave you the assignment and is the one that\’ll see you through—to fulfill it.

So, in finding out God\’s will for your life consider your heart\’s desire; note your abilities, skills, gifts or talents; recognize how you\’ve been using them, and be mindful of what your family members, friends, and close associates say you can\’t do.

Even so, some, will perceive your abilities, encourage you, and nurture your gift whichever way they can.

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