Letters from God; Learn to be content

Learn to Be Content

by Adetokunbo Adeoye


While you are single, if you are not content with who you are and where you are in your relationship with God Who is perfect, what makes you think you will be content with somebody else who is imperfect when you get married to the person?

If you have unresolved issues while you are single, what makes you think that the answer to your problem is getting married? It is said that:

Whoever is faithful in small matters will be faithful in large ones; but whoever is dishonest in small matters will be dishonest in large ones.
(Luke 16:10 GNB)

Considering that the demands of single life are less than that of marriage, if you\’re faithful, secure, pleased, and can handle yourself while you\’re single, then you\’ll be faithful, secure, pleased, and will be able to handle yourself—in a more demanding responsibility—in a relationship with your spouse, as a couple.

That will be possible because Jesus is your security. It\’s in Him you live, you move and have your being. You are strong in the Lord, and the power of His might. His joy is your strength, and you\’ll apply these same principles in marriage, thanks to your Lord who is with you while you\’re single, and will still be with you in marital bliss.

Conversely, if you can\’t handle yourself while you are single, without God\’s intervention, you won\’t be able to handle yourself as part of a couple. An accident about to happen, meeting another accident that may or may not happen, ends up being an accident that happens.


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