The alluring woman

The alluring woman


What makes an alluring woman? Is it the French perfume she wears, the clickety clack of her heels, her sleekly styled full-bodied hair, her everly long eyelashes or daddy longlegs? Is it her rosebud mouth, her Grecian nose, her graceful expressive eyebrows or high cheekbones? Is it the way she walks, with her dainty steps in those tiny feet, swaying her hips from side to side, or the way she smiles, with a dimple showing in each cheek, or the way she talks with that lilt to her voice that reminds one of a canary?

What exactly is it?  Is it a physical thing or an intangible thing? Is it the pherohormones she produces or the fragrance that exudes from her soul?

How exactly does she do it? How does she attract men like a moth to a flame? It might be that she uses all the above means. It might be that she plans how to get to her targets by plotting each step, checking every move. Doing everything with perfect precision and timing. It might be something she learned from her peers or picked up from a magazine. It might be that she is naturally gifted with that indefinable essence that makes her so alluring. It might even be her job.

But the truly alluring woman is one who has no idea that she is alluring at all.

P.S: How would you describe an alluring woman? Express your opinions in the comment box.

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