Getting burned without scarring. (3)


The staff was called to a general meeting. She sat down and looked around, wondering whom to approach. How would she present the information she had such that everyone would be able to see what a scumbag Dada was?
\”Mrs. Ozovehe, what do you think of the Donahue account?\” the chairman asked her.
She was startled. \”Yes…,\” she said softly. \”I think we should pursue it.\”
The chairman shook his head. \”Obviously your mind is elsewhere. We were discussing how to go about getting the account.\”
\”Oh,\” she said feeling stupid.
\”Do try to pay attention,\” the chairman intoned.
She nodded, ashamed and she noticed out of the corner of her that Dada was smirking. The meeting continued without further incident, but she began to realize something. She was focusing all her energies in trying to get even with Dada but paying less attention to her work. In doing that, she was giving Dada what he really wanted; for her to lose credibility with the powers that be in the company.
During her break, a friend of hers, Lola, from human resources stopped by.
\”Ize, what\’s up with you?\” she asked. \”You are allowing Dada to get ahead of you. This is not like you.\” She then told Lola the whole story. Her friend nodded grimly when she was through,
\”You know what? Dada is going to get what\’s coming to him. But you don\’t have to do anything about that. Just focus on doing what you do best.\”
After Lola left, she thought about what she had said and then did something she knew she should have done earlier.
\”Lord, I am sorry for my attitude. I have allowed my feelings of anger towards Dada to get in the way of everything, including my job. I ask that you help me to let it go so I can focus on what is more important. Help me to forgive him Lord.\”
When she finished praying, she felt a lot better than she had in days. She passed Dada in the hallway and gave him the first genuine smile she had given him in a long while as she greeted him. He looked at her quizzically and said nothing in response.
When he got home that night, she gave her husband a hug.
\”Honey, you were right. I needed to let it go.\”
He looked askance at her. \”What happened?\”
After she explained the details, he chuckled. \”I\’m proud of you dear. Finally you have learnt that you can get hurt or wounded but you don\’t have to let it fester inside you such that it leaves a scar. You have learnt how to get burned without scarring.\”
She pinched his nose playfully. \”Whatever dt means.\”
She was working at her desk a few days later when her friend came to meet her.
\”Hey Ize, where have you been?\” she asked her, giving her a playful punch.
\”Wo, Lola leave me alone. I need to work on this account.\”
\”Haven\’t you heard?\” Lola\’s face lit up.
\”Heard what?\” she said with some irritation.
\”There\’s been an investigation. Your friend was found to have been stealing money from the company. Dada and Laide, they were found to have been working together. Apparently, they were having an affair.\” She said grinning.
She put a hand to her chest. \”That\’s terrible.\”
\”That\’s good news for you. The company is letting both of them go.\”
\”What?\” she asked, suprised. \”Can\’t they just suspend them? I\’m sure they will pay back every cent they stole.\”
Lola shook her head. \”You my friend are an enigma. I can never understand you. I thought you wanted this man punished. Anyway, the company is being lenient by not pressing charges against him so at least he won\’t end up in jail.\”
\”Wow,\” she said still in shock.
\”I\’ve got work to do babe. Just wanted to check on you. See you around,\” Lola said and walked off.
That was the moment Ize knew she had truly forgiven him. It was the point at which she could feel sorry for him. She finally understood what her husband meant.

5 thoughts on “Getting burned without scarring. (3)”

  1. Awwww! This is a master piece. We always need to trust God to work out every situation for our good. Keep them coming Dear!

  2. Smiling from ear to ear….this is as important as important goes..(no pun intended ) sometimes letting go might be hard but its necessary…its worthy to note though that whether we see our wrongs avenged in this life,or we have to wait till d after life,getting burned without scaring is an art that should be mastered…..lovely piece….

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