The Conquest


Hello folks, welcome to a new series called Hostile waters. It is all about power and who can get it. The younger generation think they can outfox the older one? Who wins this battle?
Episode 1.
Alex Akiwaju grinned and took a swirl in his chair. He felt on top of the world. It was his first day as the chairman of Ifemekunu Local Government Area. He had fought hard and tough at the polls. The campaign had been rough. His main opponent, Chief Kosoro had been formidable. The goodwill of his people had decided the outcome and he had won despite the massive elitist support and money Chief Kosoro had behind him.
He smirked as he recalled Chief Kosoro’s visit to his campaign office and how the chief had attempted to pay him off.
‘I love this people, just like you do. Let me do this job.’ The chief had pleaded.
‘I am sorry that I cannot do what you ask’
‘Why is that?’
‘I love my people too. They requested my leadership. That is why I picked up that form’
‘Look Alex, you and I are men of like passions. The difference between us is that I have more friends in high places than you could ever make in a lifetime. Work with me to improve the lot of our people’.
‘I respect you a lot Chief. What you ask of me is impossible.’
‘My son,’ the chief said, lowering his voice. ‘You are stepping on my elderly toes. Our people say a young man cannot have as many rags as his grandfather.’
‘I know that Chief. It is why I want the people to decide what they want at the polls this time’.
‘Alex. I am a man of my words. I will reward you handsomely. You will be a major policy maker in my government. We will build together’.
‘I do not bargain, Chief. I am also a man of my words’.
‘Name your price, Alex. Every man has a price. Is it contracts you desire? Name it!’
‘My dedication to my people is not for sale’.
‘Alex. Do you forget that you benefited from my scholarship schemes when you were a student? You are biting those fingers that fed you’.
Exasperated, Alex stared blankly at Chief Kosoro.  He knew the chief was desperate. He decided it was useless to argue.
‘No matter how tall the okra plant gets, the farmer can always pluck its fruit’.
‘Have a nice evening, Chief’, Alex said as he walked out of his office, leaving the Chief inside.
‘You dare walk out on me? Alex! Come back here!’
Alex grinned again. Chief Kosoro had been so worked up. The older man had sworn to make him pay dearly for his juvenile insolence. The people had spoken nonetheless, and he was now the undisputed Chairman.

By Victor.

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  1. Smiles…this is what the youths need to do..stand up and say what shd go on! I await the continuation…

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