Focus on the family

Focus on the family.
Bonne Anniversaire.
“Sweetheart, we need to hurry up.” You say as you jump out of bed. She still hugs the covers but you snatch them off her as she groans.
“What day is it?” she asks groggily.
“Tuesday,” you say hurriedly as if you pick out your clothes from your wardrobe.
“Where’s my breakfast?” your wife asks chirpily.
You look at her askance to be sure she’s not still sleeping. She looks wide awake.
“What are you talking about honey?”’ you ask her confused. “It’s time for devotion.”
Your wife gets out of bed with a frown and you wonder what sort of dream she must have had in the night.
After devotion, you quickly hurry away not forgetting to give your wife a goodbye peck on the cheeks. She moves her head to avoid it. You are puzzled but you are already running late to the office. And you have two important meetings today.
“Ok honey. See you later,” you say as you zoom off. Perhaps she was still sleepy or not just in a good mood.
At around 2pm, you get a breather and check your phone. No messages from your wife. That was odd. Perhaps she was tied up at work.
“Hi babe,” you type a BBM message and return to work.
She does not respond even up to three hours later..
You shrug. She must be really busy. Around 7pm, you get home from work thankful that you did not spend too much time in traffic. Your wife is already home watching TV. You go over to hug her but she does not respond. This is very odd. Your wife is usually a very warm person.
“Honey, what is the matter?” you ask her puzzled.
“What is the matter? What is the matter?” she repeats loudly.
You are confused.
“What day is it?”
“Tuesday,” you say scratching your head.
“What is today’s date?” she presses, eyes blazing.
“It’s the 16th,” you begin to say mechanically as realization dawns. You feel very silly. How could you have forgotten your wedding anniversary?
“It’s just our third wedding anniversary Jim,” she says with a hint of tears in her eyes. “What would happen when it’s our 25th?”
You want to comfort your wife. You want to tell her how much you love her and how sorry you are but you cannot find the words. You really wish you had listened when she told you to pay more attention to dates.
P.S: How important are wedding anniversaries? Is it fussy if you insist that your spouse remember your anniversary and make it a special day? Or is forgetting anniversaries one of the unforgivable sins? What would you consider an excessive or acceptable celebration of a wedding anniversary? Share your thoughts with us.



4 thoughts on “Focus on the family”

  1. It could be painful indeed for that woman. On the flipside, some people don’t see anything special about dates and anniversaries. Maybe her husband is one of them. No matter how busy we get, we always find a way to do what matters to us. Priorities…….

  2. Queenihila, so are you saying wedding anniversaries shouldn’t be a priority? Do tell us how important wedding anniversaries are to you and what you consider fussy or excessive.

  3. I meant wedding anniversaries are important to those who hold them important. They prioritize the celebration of these milestones. But there are also people who- due to upbringing or philosophy or the peculiar way their brains are wired- do not really think the elaborate remembrance and celebration of those dates is important. It’s funny how women remember dates as it affects them………that’s for another space 🙂

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