Sons and Lovers

Episode 16.

Richard stared at Chidera’s pale face after she stopped the call.
“What is it dear?” he asked reaching for her hand.
“It’s Ruth,” she said her mouth hanging open.
“What about her?”
“I’m not sure. Tomiwa sounded so hysterical. I think she’s been kidnapped.”
Richard exhaled. “What?”
“I have to go Richard,” she said standing up suddenly.
“I’m sorry I can’t help you guys go look for her. The doctors said they’d discharge me tomorrow. Do you have any leads?”
“I think Tomiwa has a clue but I have to get to him first. I’ll call you,” Chidera said tapping his hand as she left the room.


“And you didn’t see his face at all?” Peter asked him shocked after Tomiwa had narrated the unbelievable events of that day. Tomiwa shook his head sadly. Just then, Remi nearly ran into the room with an equally anxious looking Fola. They had ditched class to find out exactly what was going on and to begin the search.
“Tomiwa, what exactly happened?” Fola asked him as soon as they burst in.
“I was on my way to read in the library and I was walking down from my hostel so I decided to take that footpath that leads from my hostel to the library. As I was walking, guy just grabbed me from behind one of the trees there, his face was shadowed and he showed me a gun and asked for my phone. Thankfully, I had only one on me. I had left the other one in the hostel which I used to call Remi. When I gave it to him, he asked me what I had been doing with Ruth. That he had seen me around campus with her, I asked him what business it was of his and that was when he knocked me out with the butt of his gun. When I came to, I tried calling all Ruth but all her phones were switched off and no one has seen her since. I’m afraid the guy has got to her first.”
“What can you tell us about the guy?” Remi asked intently.
Tomiwa looked grim. “Only that he was tall. About 6’2 I presume. And he was dark. He was wearing shades too. I couldn’t see his face clearly. Does he fit in with someone you know?”
As he asked the last question, Chidera came in hurriedly. “Guys, can someone tell me what’s going on?” she asked.


After she came to, Ruth rubbed her eyes and noted that she was in the back of a moving car. She was gagged so she couldn’t scream and she was tied up as well. A sense of dread filled her. There were two other occupants in the car and they both sat in front. None of them seemed like Tomiwa although she couldn’t see the faces of her captors. She wondered what this people had to do with Tomiwa. How had they got his phone and called her? Were they somehow working for him?
She struggled to free herself from the knots but only ended up bruising her knuckles. She had been tied up securely.
The first thing they had done after grabbing her was to take her phone from her and then they knocked her unconscious. She wanted to tell them that her father was poor and didn’t have any ransom money for them but she couldn’t speak. She doubted they would listen to such a plea. She craned her neck to see if she could ascertain where they were through the tinted windows. Where were they taking her?



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