Sandy, Episode 4- Split Milk

\”I missed my period\”, Sandy says, bluntly. She fixes her gaze on me. A menacing, cold stare. She is doubtless daring me to say anything inappropriate. Anything that would be be deserving of the full force of feminine fury. She brushes aside some itinerant strands of artificial hair from the side of her face.

I wince and stare back. My jaw drops. A wave of intense heat flows through my whole body and I shudder. I force my teeth together to avoid clattering.

\”Are you dumb?\” Sandy shouts, \”You lost your voice eh?\”

\”Why are you shouting?\” I murmur, still confused.

She sits down. Panting. I can see she is ready for a fist-fight.

I feel like Samson right now. I guess bearing his name is one of the factors complicating my life. I look into Sandy\’s eyes and I see Delilah there. Finally, Dagon has his day.

\”Good, it is well\”, I say in a husky voice.

\”It is well?\” Sandy seems confused.

She flashes a pregnancy test strip in my face. The lines rub salt into my injury.

\”I guess it\’s time we meet your parents and tell them what has happened. I\’ll tell my people too.\”

Sandy is jittery. She starts crying.

I sit on the floor, scratching and rubbing my head. The corners of the room seemed to be dissolving and subliming and I hold my head in both hands as if that would prevent an imminent explosion.

I know she\’s only acting out, pretending to be devastated. This was her plan all along. I feel like a porcupine in the hands of its captor. I wish for a moment I could just curl up into a ball and disappear.

She\’s got me. Cold. Exactly where she wanted me to be.

I try to take some responsibility. Obviously, it takes two to tango. I remember all the yells, the complaints, the unsolicited touches. I remember my part in all that went down.

My part was silence.

I did not resist her wiles. I kept quiet. I realize now that if one keeps silent in the face of deception, one soon becomes a part of it.

She is pregnant.

I know I will never be party to the murder of an innocent soul. That is not negotiable.

Perhaps from now on, I will stand by what I believe in without wavering.

However, the pregnancy milk has been split. What do I do now?

4 thoughts on “Sandy, Episode 4- Split Milk”

  1. I think this is not a very good position fr any guy…and the lady is a handful…if he marries that one ehn, he is grossly on his own…lol…nice one vicky..looking forward to the conclusion oo

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