I have no talent

\’I have no talent\’, he said, in a serious matter-of-fact tone.
Tope had told me the same thing more times than I could count on the fingers of one hand. He felt cheated, that God should invest His gifts on some particular people, leaving others with little or nothing to hold on to.
I continue working on the CorelDraw workstation on my computer, putting together the bits and pieces for a magazine. It was my very first time of working on such a project, and I was still very green.
Clone tool, texture, insert textbox, cutout lab, blah blah blah. I experimented with all. There was a two-week deadline to beat.
Raising money to fund the graphic designs and printing had proven a big hurdle, and I knew the only thing that could be done to reduce costs was to make the design work an insider job.
So there I was, groping my way through a completely new world. There was Tope, envying a \’talent\’ I never even knew existed.
Really, I would be honest and say that I may have a talent for catching onto new concepts with remarkable ease and finesse, as long as it didn\’t involve dancing, or writing with my left hand.
So, does God discriminate in the allocation of talents? Are there people born with an inherently unfair advantage over other people?
Your comments below please, and feel free to discuss your talent.

2 thoughts on “I have no talent”

  1. Everyone has at least one talent…and that one talent is just enough to make one ‘do exploits’. For example, if someone’s talent is the gift of gab..the person can write books in a way that seems he/she is talking. The person can become a renowed speaker….etc.

    Well…for me, my talents have to do majorly with my hands…I make jewelleries,am into event decorations and I sell ladies clothes. Apart from that…am a trained engineer… *smiles*

  2. One thing I’ve discovered is we all have at least one.But in the “silent” part of us,we’ve got more talents that need quickening.
    Personally,I’v always felt I could only sing but recently discovered if I put my heart on doing somtin with my hands,I do it well like baking,interior decoration,twine bag e.t.c.Thot I had one but o’my I’ve got more than 1 to the glory of God,it only takes discovery n quickening

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