Conversion disorder

Just to clear the air a little bit, I\’m not about to discuss that psychiatric disorder in which stressors, trauma, or psychological distress manifest as physical symptoms.
I\’m talking about sin, and how it is really a conversion of a righteous or holy act we could have done.

Have you ever been angry? Did you go as far as hitting the person who made you angry? Or did you just ball up and feed all that bitterness and resentment? Could it be that all the vexation that led to your anger was only an opportunity for you to respond in love? See, misinterpreting the stimulus can lead to missed opportunities to save a hurting soul, or rescue a precious life from the jaws of hell.
Have you ever been tempted to immorality? Did you make excuses and succumb? Did you fail to see a way of escape? Sometimes, temptations to commit immorality are an avenue to let the love of God shine through to the tempter, in all wisdom and spiritual understanding. If you succumbed, you missed the opportunity to save two lives from destruction.
Have you ever had to make a choice between what God wants you to do and what is convenient? Would you ignore divine direction to obey your logical reasoning? We all do that many times, and we miss out on what God wants to do in our lives. What if the tough choices you faced were an opportunity for you to demonstrate your obedience and trust in that area? When will the next opportunity come? Tomorrow? Next year? Never?
Do you wake up at midnight for no reason? Is it an opportunity to watch those films, browse pornography or download those large volume movies you like? Or is it an opportunity for you to go before the King of kings and receive guidiance for your life? Is it an opportunity for you to defeat the principalities of this world in the place of prayer?
Whatever situations stare you down, however tough it may be, there is always an opportunity to do the right thing, what Jesus would do.

For those who are led by the Spirit
of God are the children of God. Romans 8:14 (New International Version).

Via Victor Olayemi

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