Both Sides of the coin. Episode 1.

Both Sides Of The Coin.
Hello guys, today we are going to be starting a HOT new series called; ‘BOTH SIDES OF THE COIN.’ I am excited about this series because it’s high time we begin to tell ourselves the truth about “HIDDEN” things that we do to each other… For so long, there has been a war between the sexes( the so- called battle of the sexes). Each sex seems to blame the other for their weaknesses and excesses. Perhaps we really need to find out exactly what the guys do that tick the ladies off and vice versa. Over the next few weeks, this series aims to examine some of these weaknesses and how we can deal with them so we can have more meaningful relationships. It’s going to be written by a lot of different writers with different perspectives so you can be assured of a rich content(winks). Don’t forget to tell your friends to be a part of this and help us to keep it real by giving us feedback in the comment box.
The Upturned Nose.
If you ever thought that Cleopatra had the perfect nose, you know that perfect cute little nose that looks a little bit like an elephant’s snout when it’s about to blow a trumpet, when it goes up in the air, (yes, that’s the one), I have news for you. Noses like that aren’t so much in vogue anymore. Those who have such upturned noses tend to miss out on a lot of good stuff that’s out there. So miss, I have to tell you-you need to stop turning your noses up at every ‘Mr. Not So Rich And Fine’ that comes your way.
In the stage play :‘Whatever she wants,’ Vivian Fox introduces us to her good man detector. She tells us that a woman can get whatever she wants-a rich, tall, fine, handsome dude with wicked game. As she saw for herself in the play, whatever a woman wants might not be what she needs. Yes treasures lie in those earthen vessels, my sisters. Not just the silver-tongued, multiple checkbook ones.
So what if he drives a Gulf when instead of a Lexus? What if he has a house in Surulere but not a villa in Lekki? What if he read Botany instead of Law? (Or, what if what he has is ‘leggedez’ benz, has no house at all except renting a two bedroom in Ojuelegba? What if he has an OND?) Does that mean you should kick him to the curb? Absolutely not. Again, I’m not saying you should go after those ‘poor broke-ass fellows’ who keep coming to you for handouts. Those ones are a No-No o. You will be the breadwinner forever in those cases.
There is something called “Potential” my dear. It takes a wise woman to perceive if it’s there. You already have unfair advantage over other women if you happen to have the Spirit of God. So the man might not own Armani suits today, who’s to say he won’t be buying one every week in the following year? You’d only know if he can do this if you’re willing to look beyond the ‘so-called’ good man detector and see what really lies beneath the external façade. Work your way from the in out. If the inside checks out, then you can begin work on the outside. And ask around from those who know, nothing is more satisfying than helping your significant other to be on top of his game.
A man might not look so polished today, but he might have innate finesse. He might not have a fat checkbook yet but he might have the ability that helps him to write whopping figures later on. Are you willing to take the trouble to find out? Are you ready to take the risk? Are you willing to reap the benefits?
Don’t seek to hook a made man, instead look for one who is willing to be made. I hope you find him and I hope you keep him. Good luck ladies!!!

By Victoria Ozidu

The Upturned Nose – Guys version
Now that the ladies have decided to drop the upturned nose and stop looking for the so called Mr Perfect (of course, we exist! Ladies, y\’all just never know \’how\’ and \’where\’ to find us.. Duh), it\’s time for a GUYS meet- ideally, this where you ladies close the page now!
Ok, broses, how far na? How we dey??? Ok, to the matter: while we all already know who the wife is and who the side chicken is, we still have to be careful of them long-legs-to-heaven and them eye catching body appendages that seem to be the only the factors for some of us.

Yes, she\’s got a great accent. Her looks prove Chinua Achebe wrong everytime @ \’the beautiful ones are not yet born\’. But, guyses, we have to be willing to look past all that exterior, as polished as it looks, to see if she\’s got:
1- Brains
You know what they say about blondes na?? Enough said. Find out jwo if you don\’t.
2- Substance
While looks is a biggie for us- wait, did u think I was suggesting we go for ugly??? Really???- she has to have something more than the looks because most times, the looks WILL fade. What you will have to deal with then is the inner material, the inner person.

3- Cheerfulness
Wondering what I mean?? Of course, you don\’t want a sad looking, moping lady with drooping, saliva-stained, stern looking \’mother physique\’ with her hair looking all raggedy, and with her non smiling face, she chases kids away because her brow is in a perpetual frown and ….. you get the pix..

4- Fun
Whatever I say, do not get to the point where you go out with a boring bhabe oh! That\’ll push out faster than all the upper listed reasons! Your girl has to be someone who you can laugh with, and generally, have great chemistry together. She has to be your friend, Shikena! Yeah, the whole butterfly feeling will soon wear out but your friendship will last you guys…

5- Spirituality
Before you turn your face away and scroll down, the waist twisting, thong flashing, party girl is going to get tired of you soon. Be saying lailai there: ask them on a neutral ground. What should be your aim especially when you looking for \’her\’ is a bhabe, fun and spiritual- a perfect blend. You do not wanna end up in hell cos you got the wrong wife mister.


It af do y\’all jwo
This meeting is adjourned!!! That\’s right. Stay tuned to this space for more…

You fit drop comments on what your choice of lady is…. ladies, pls, don\’t be shocked that we don\’t want the party banger…. you doubt me?? see comments soon.

By Jimi Adetutu

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  1. Haha. Lwkmd!! Guy, na lie oh!! All we want is deir waist, after which we’ll go for the take Really, good job guys.

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