Forgiving Self


Are there days when you are angry with yourself? Days when you make mistakes that even you cannot understand or rationalize? Days when you cannot believe how foolish the decision you made was? Days when you wondered why you allowed yourself to trust again, why you agreed to let another person in? Days when you feel like such a klutz, unable to get anything right?
Those are days that you need to extend grace. Extend grace to self. Forgiving people is always much easier than forgiving yourself. That is because if you have any level of self-worth or esteem, you would expect more from yourself than you expect from other people. That is why it is harder sometimes to see your own faults unless people point them out to you.
So what is it you have done? Had an abortion or an affair? Got drunk and hit someone? Broken your 5th glass cup this week? Kept failing an exam despite multiple attempts? Or for some reason found it difficult to do the things you were normally good at doing and ended up being exasperated with yourself? Forgot to do something important? My advice to you is this. Breathe. Just take in a deep breath and exhale. Ask Him for forgiveness and ask Him for help
Then tell yourself: “I am better than this. For some reason, I’m not perfect today I made a bad call. But I won’t always be like this.” Telling yourself this gets you out of the funk quicker than letting guilt and feelings of self-worthlessness run you down.
You’re better than this. You’re a victor. A conqueror. The Bible says you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. If you’ve failed try again until you can get it right. If you’ve fallen again and again, then make sure you get up.
In time you will hear Him say: “Well done, good and faithful servant. Enter into thy rest.”
But first you have to get up and do.

2 thoughts on “Forgiving Self”

  1. This is so apt!
    I wonder why it’s so hard to forgive self. Maybe we set high standards,..maybe those standards are unrealistic… Maybe we are trying to strive to be our best selves, but this flesh keeps getting in the way.

    Note to self: “Forgive me”.

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