Sons and Lovers.

Episode 20.


Tomiwa could not believe his luck. They had given him the number just like that.
“But we cannot call the number now,” Remi said. “What are we going to say?”
“We can tell him that we want to get some stuff and that he should tell us where he is so we can come and get it,” Tomiwa said.
“Maybe but…what if they have a code or something?” Remi was worried “What if he figures it out? He’s smart. He might know that we were just lying and then he could even hurt Ruth further.”
“We should call Fola to get in touch with that police office to advise us on what to do.”
He was about to pick up his phone when his phone rang.
It was Peter.
“Tomiwa, I have news. Let’s all meet at your room now.”
Richard got up from his bed and reached for his phone. He tried Chidera’s number for the umpteenth time. It rang but no one picked it. He hoped she was alright and that they had found Ruth. He felt so much better now. The doctors said that he would be able to go home the next day.
He wanted to see her, to tell her that he was alright. That the fact that he had hypertrophic cardiomyopathy was not a death sentence. That he would do whatever it took for him to remain healthy. He would do whatever it took to make him worthy of her.
He sighed. Lying down, propped up in the hospital bed all he had was time. He was not able to join in the search but he could at least pray for them. Pray that Chidera and all her friends were going to be alright. He closed his eyes.
Ize’s fingers tingled with excitement. She was going on an adventure. She wondered if Peter would be happy to see her though. After all, it was because she had tried to get some weed that she had found out what Dare had done. He might not think very highly of her now since she had promised to stop. After seeing Ruth she had no desire for the weed and had flushed the whole thing down the toilet anyway. She had no idea what Dare intended to do with Ruth but she hoped they could get to him in time.
She knocked on Tomiwa’s door and was ushered in and everyone stared at her. Peter smiled.
“Guys, let’s not waste any more time,” she told them. “I can take you to where she is.”


Ruth sat down on the carpet in the room she was being held hoping with all her heart that Ize had been able to get help. Dare had shoved her forcefully into the room after trying to embrace her and she had resisted. He had threatened to have his way with her if she refused to be co-operative. But he would leave her in the room for a while to consider his request. He could do many things for her, he told her. She wouldn’t have to worry about money, clothes or her future. If she agreed to be with him, he would make sure that she was set for life. Ruth had listened to all his proclamations with dread. She had known he liked her but he didn’t know he was this obsessed with her.
Obsessed enough to kidnap her to force her to acquiesce to his wishes. Obsessed enough to try to rape her.
She needed to escape and there was not a moment to lose. Then she remembered something that her fear had not allowed her to do. She bowed her head and began to pray.



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