Walking Billboards

Walking Billboards.



I had to turn and look at her again. Man, she was f-i-neee. I think God really took His time on this one. She had the perfect height and the perfect figure. Her face was perfectly sculpted by a Grecian artist from her arched eyebrows to her rosebud mouth. Her legs seemed to stretch on to forever. To me, she was a walking billboard of feminine perfection. The kind of lady every guy dreams about.
I made up my mind to approach her. Who knows, I might be lucky to get those digits and have a name to go with that lovely face. She was walking down the road unhurriedly It was an opportunity that I would be foolish to waste. So I attempted to try to catch up with her. In my enthusiasm, I nearly crushed her foot.
I was shocked to hear a guttural voice exclaim: “Na wetin na? Why you march me like that? God punish you.”
I blinked in disbelief as she walked away. It couldn’t be. That angel I saw could not have spoken to me in such a manner and with such a voice! I watched her retreating back and had no desire to ask her name or get her number either at that moment or in the far-flung future. Who needs that kind wahala abeg? Then I was reminded of a sermon my pastor recently preached. On how people are fond of window-dressing. We window-dress our looks, our homes, our properties, in such a way that awe look like walking billboards of success. But, in doing this, we often overlook that which needs proper care and attention-the heart. We would do well to cultivate this part of our lives. Its always obvious when people get close to us whose heart is well tended and whose isn’t.
But now, I think beautiful Miss Angelina has given me a very good sorting method. Any time I see a lady I like and I figure I want to ask her out, I’ll just place my foot on hers first, you know, just to be sure. *smiles*

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  1. Yeah! I like your method. But it might get you more than a curse next time. I hope you won’t be too angry when the slap comes. LOL

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