We are pleased to announce that a novel by one of the blog administrators has been published on amazon. The title is Dazzle me Forever. A book review is available here.  You can visit the link to buy the book here. Or just search for the title under amazon books.

So we’ve been churning out posts for a long time now. Over 150 posts so far and I felt it was time to take a break and ask you guys which posts you’ve enjoyed the most. Which posts you have derived most nourishment from. From the humorous Focus on the family section articles like “In sickness and in health” , Bonne Anniversaire to the Wednesday Specials the likes of “Moonlight Christmas”, “Fifam Fanny” and “Looking For Zacchaeus”, Kini Big Deal? to the thought provoking “Critical Decision”  section and then the Tuesday Freestyle articles like Fright, Fight or Flight,Why I dislike PDA” , “Why Christians should not go into politics”, I hope we’ve been able to serve you with meals that you enjoyed. From the team of our writers, gems like “Letter to my future husband” and “Why women are not straightforward”, “Washing feet” and “Time dey run”, timeless pieces have flowed. We would like to hear from you which articles have inspired you and why. If there are some articles that you feel were totally lacking in nourishment, we would also like to know. We hoped you enjoyed our “Sons and Lovers series” and “Relationship series.” We hope the Books that talk section was helpful to you. We also hope you took a look at our “Getting burned without scarring” short stories and Sandy series. Please let us know if there are any series or episodes you would like to see repeated. It’s been a pleasure sharing these meals with you. Let the comments begin!

3 thoughts on “Reminiscences.”

  1. Enjoyed ‘Letter to my future wife’ and ‘Getting burned without scarring’ of all the articles I read
    Keep up the good work vickiozi and others.

  2. Hmmmmmm…where do I start from? I loveeeed every bit but wednesday specials, sons and lovers,leaving the past in the past and getting burned without scarring stood out for me!!! Excellent meals by a master chef!!!! Keep them coming chef! *winks*

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