The End Of the Story

So it’s been a very long time I have been on here. I have gone from despairing about ever writing at all to wondering if I have anything left to say, to wondering if my writing ever mattered to anyone.  So much has happened in my personal life and around the world. But … we’re still here. And possibly, I can still put my virtual pen to paper. I don’t how long it will be or how often I would do it… but the story continues.  It isn’t totally dead yet. We are not yet at the end.

This thought encourages me when I look at recent happenings around the world. Despite the recent terror attacks, love triumphs over hate. God’s light pierces the darkness. The reason why in this uncertain times  we can walk with  Him, trust in him and worship Him is because we know that He knows the end of the story. And we can be rest assured that it is a good ending because we love Him. Remember this today, this weekend and the rest of the year. He’s writing your story; and though the plot seems to thicken and there are many twists and turns, you know that you’ll smile when you get to the very last page.

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