Diary Of An Octogenarian (3)

In my thirties, I felt my life was just beginning. I was already branded as a hotshot lawyer securing huge financial deals for my firm. We also had the connects to work with the big name politicians. By this time, I knew my idealistic principles could not work in the real world. What’s that saying; if you can’t beat them, join them? I had done exactly that.  Kickbacks were a part of my weekly bonus. I was in no hurry to settle down.

I enjoyed my highbrow life in Ikoyi with a profusion of girlfriends. One of them Simone was a lot of fun and drama. She was excessively jealous and possessive. She knew she was not the only one but she could never prove it because I covered my tracks so well. She would get so upset and pout for days and threaten fire and brimstone but she would eventually give in to my serenading. My friends couldn’t figure out why I tolerated the drama; but the truth is she made me feel alive. And I was always on my toes.  I didn’t want any boring women.

In my late thirties, my father died. My parents had done well not to bother me about getting married but the moment my father died my mum predictably started talking about seeing her grandchildren before they died. My mind instinctively went to Salewa when she said this. It was odd because I had not seen her in years. She had sent me some letters in uni but I hadn’t replied. I wondered where she was now. If she was married and if she had kids. So I did what any self respecting male looking for a long lost love interest  would do. I hunted for her on Facebook. Aha. There she was. Married with two kids. She looked fabulous. The years had been good to her.

Sadly I closed the Facebook page as any ideas I had about reconnection and pursuing any sort of romantic relationship had died. I didn’t want to message her and just be some sort of acquaintance. I decided to look through my harem of girlfriends and select the least troublesome one. I would still keep Simone as a mistress until I got weary of her.

I began wedding preparations with Lola and my mother was happy. My life was busy and full but at times I caught myself thinking how lonely my life was. I did my best to shook away such morbid thoughts with booze, women and expensive vacations. And it seemed to work… at least for a little while.

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To be continued…

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