A Constant Hope


A Constant Hope

\”Hope does not disappoint\” (Rom. 5:5).

You have always known that God was going to answer your prayers. When you were unmarried, you knew that one day the Lord would bless you with a spouse and children. When your family members were still unsaved, you knew that someday they would all come to know the Lord.  You knew that you would write your examinations and pass them.

You also knew that you would eventually get that much needed and deserved promotion and raise at work.

You waited patiently to see these things (and other prayer requests) come to pass, because you had hope as an anchor for your soul (Heb. 6:19).

Hope is a good ingredient to have in our character because it motivates us to keep going. When my wife and I accidentally drove our car off a hill and landed at the bottom of a ravine, it was the walk back up the side of that hill that told me how strong hope really is.

I kept telling my wife while we were climbing, \”Cars are only metal, glass, and rubber. We can always get another car, or even do without one if we have to. But there is one thing we have that no one can take from us, and that is our hope and desire to go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature.\”

Hope keeps  desire alive. It motivates us every day to get up and give life another try. It keeps us going when circumstances are screaming at us: \”Give up! You\’ll never make it, why try any longer?\”  We need it to survive. Never let it go.


Culled from Dick Mills.


P.S: As you go into the New Year, go in with hope. Hope that things will get better even if it doesn’t look like it at the moment because…it will.


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