Books that talk: From Friend to Fiancee.

From Friend to fiancée.


Steve Harris renowned life coach, decided to pen something down for the ladies. The title itself  is intriguing. It shows how one can actually change status, how to effectively move out of the friend zone. Sisters, if you haven’t read it, here are a few reasons why you should:

Firstly, it tells us that men are attracted to confident women. If you ain’t got it, go get it. Seeing her gait, her pose, her composure really makes a man to be attracted. It is important to point out that confident does not mean that you are self-sufficient, absorbed that no guy would want to be close to you. Confidence means living life on your own terms.

Also, he says most men want a woman other men want. If you are not ‘chasable’, he’d think you are damaged goods. If you are not being chased and you want him to notice you in that light, fake it. How do you do that?(Now this here’s a funny trick) Put some good looking male friends picture as your display on blackberry for a day or two then tell him about one or two guys who are both into you but you can’t seem to make up your mind and ask him for his advice. This trick is a reverse psychology technique and it will make him want to try and win your attention and affection.

Steve then goes on to declare; no man wants a Frumpy Frannie. Don’t go looking like you don’t care about how you look and expect to get the man of your dreams. Use a little make-up. Dress well. Smell good. Smile. It’s an irresistible charm. It makes you move from being just the ordinary girl to being extraordinary.

He also took care to remind us of one salient fact; you may use your feminine wiles and charm to get the guy, but only good character will keep him.

So there you have it ladies. Waste no time in changing your status! Go get this book, study it and use the advice given in it. And guys, it’d make a good read for you too. You can at least buy it as a gift for your female pals. Who knows? It might take you to the next level.(winks)

By Lois Ozidu.

2 thoughts on “Books that talk: From Friend to Fiancee.”

  1. As a guy, this book makes me laugh. I won’t dispute the veracity of his observations, and I guess I might be susceptible to the weapons he asks women to deploy to achieve the stated aim to an extent, but I think most men have some traits that scare them away. I have found girls attractive in the past and gotten close to them, then discovered they had a rough edge to their tongues, or a streak of stubbornness, or a certain readiness to lie at a moment’s notice or a certain natural lack of courtesy… I didn’t take off immediately of course, but I quietly crossed off the possiblity of the relationship progressing beyond friendship in my mind.

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