Memoirs of a medical student

Dr. Tony.
The doctor was one doctor I failed to analyze accurately, at least at first. I mean young as he was with those funny looking but charming glasses, I expected he was a stuck up whiz kid with a penchant for putting others down. This was an unfair assumption because he never did so even when taking particular care in that nasal voice of his to ask us pertinent questions. Anyway, my perspective of him was totally revolutionized when I had my first call duty with him. First, he endeavored to know my first name(not a common thing in the medical environment), spoke kindly and reassuringly to me when I was fidgeting about, gave me undeserved praise for setting a line(I did next to nothing), made solicitous inquiries about my welfare and refused to make fun of me when I couldn’t answer his questions but patiently explained things to me. Suddenly his nasal voice appeared pleasing and pleasant. And it was clear how brilliant he was and how unaffected that brilliance was by pride. Then I noticed how fair and handsome his face was, became delighted with his wit, his quick sense of humour, his easy smile; and that\’s when I knew I was in trouble.
By the time we moved to the A&E department, I was beginning to like him very much. Dr Tony then surprised me by mildly observing that I was in a musical group on the hospital premises. I had not told him any such thing or suggested it and could not imagine who had. I asked him how he knew but he made an enigmatic comment that further perplexed me. He told me he had been a member too in his student days. My opinion of him was raised by one notch. He wasn’t surprised or offended when I guessed the secondary school he had gone to. (I had this thing of sniffing members of that particular school miles away). We talked on amiably for a while and I almost did not want the call to end. He was extremely civil and by the time we had the evening round, he made sure to commend me to all my classmates as an exceptionally brilliant student. My head was full of him that day and I found myself estimating his age and mine and wondering…fortunately or unfortunately our short lived ‘almost’ romance came to an abrupt end in my head when I was getting married. The other day I passed by him and he smiled at me and nodded I said a bright ‘Hello’ instead of the conventional \’Good afternoon’ which is a more proper form of address for a med student to a registrar. Talk about judging a book by its cover

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