Books that talk: Eclipse of destiny

Books that talk; Eclipse of destiny.


In his book, Eclipse of destiny,   Adetola Adeyemi  reveals how young people can get caught in the web of deciet that makes up our world today.

Here\’s a sneak preview of what the book is about:

Jude, Femi and Kunle had been friends since university days. They were driven with  passion for sexual exploits. Ronke was a dedicated for many years with leadership experiences, yet under pressure from her mother to get married to a rich man at all cost.

Bunmi was a young beautiful lady with a strict disciplinarian and learned father. Her University admission was an opportunity to be \’\’free\’\’ to enjoy sex to the maximum. she soon plunged into the world of modern prostitution.

Their paths crossed and there was intrigue, confusion…

I personally enjoyed the reality portrayed in the book and the way the pages kept turning in my hands.   This book will get you to realize how one choice or a series of choices can affect one\’s destiny. It is a powerful book laced with lessons and revelations particularly relevant to the dangerous world we live in today.

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