Critical Decision

Today\’s critical decision is going to be lighthearted. It deals with something colloquially termed the \’bro code.\’ Does this code exist or not? Is there a corresponding code for females? Do let us know what you think.
Critical Decision.
Now\’s your chance, you think to yourself. The time\’s ripe. She was beginning to really like you. Yesterday, she even put her head on your shoulder. You sighed. You had been patient and now was the time to reap the rewards.
You were overjoyed the first day you talked to her, and she agreed to be your friend. You had nurtured that friendship fot months biding your time. And now you were certain it was here. Your phone beeped suddenly. It was Sylvia. She wanted you to meet her at her hairdressers\’.
\’I have lots to tell you,\’ her text read.
You groan inwardly. Much as you liked spending time with Sylvia and hearing her lively prattle which utterly fascinated you, you hated going to meet her at her hairdressers\’. You felt it sort of emasculated you. If it was any other person, you would have begged off. But this was Sylvia, the love of your life. You had to go. It was just that you didn\’t feel you could tell her your feelings in the salon.
Two and a half hours later, you are escorting Sylvia home and you are blissfully happy. You are wondering if this is the right time to make your move when you bump into one of your buddies, David. David lives near your neighborhood and has never met Sylvia before. He was also the neighborhood playboy. You don\’t want him to get too close. You sigh as you introduce them and reel in shock when David asks for her number and she gives it to him, right in front of you!
\’Your friend is cute,\’ Sylvia says as she watches him saunter off.
\’David is not a very nice person,\’ you mumble. She doesn\’t hear you and you are not bold enough to repeat it. You get home, confused. Had you read the signs wrong? Was she not into you? Your head begins to ache when you get a text from Sylvia which sounds so full of glee that David had asked her to a date the following evening and so she would have to take a raincheck on your plans to go to the beach. You are not sure what to do. Do you go to David and ask him to back off? Do you invoke the \’bro code\’? Do you still go ahead and tell Sylvia how you feel? Do you just wait and watch months of work go down the drain? You have to do something! This involves the love of your life.\"1288609394_thinking\"

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