Why women are not straightforward

\’But she lied to me!\’ That is the cry of many a man when she has sucessfully decieved them into thinking she loves them or into thinking she\’s something she\’s not. There are many reasons why women are not straightforward. Many reasons why they won\’t tell you the number of abortions they have had, their lack of or experience with sexual escapades, their bad habits, or any other skeletons in their closet.
As an enlightened member of the female gender, I have come to recognize that there are 3 major reasons why women don\’t come straight out to their men and say:\’This is who I am!\’
1. Fear of financial security: I\’m a trifle ashamed to admit this but many women like to put \’rich\’ at the top of their list. When they see a guy on his way to making the Forbes list, they\’d much rather prefer him than a guy who has potential. And they don\’t mind doing whatever they have to do to snap up such a hunk even if it means wearing masks.
2. Societal pressure: The pressure begins to hit them in their late twenties and early thirties. Society expects women to have a partner especially at a certain age. Even if a lady has a carefree attitude, by the time she gets to this age, she begins to remodel herself and might even \’lose\’ herself completely in order to better her chances of getting a partner.
3. The man expects them to: Many men might not agree with this but it\’s true. Many men expect to have perfect women. She has to have a perfect figure, she has to be a perfect home maker, be perfect at her job…they want a Barbie doll with brains and good housekeeping skills. What many men fail to realize is that human beings including women are not perfect. In a bid to meet up with their high standards, some women have gone as far as surgery to make themselves more appealing to the male gender.
Like an enlightened member of the male gender once said: \’ Your desire to get an intimate companion makes you put on your best behavior, compels you to hide your flaws, put your best foot forward(with your new patent leather shoe on it) and bury all the ugly issues for later. The problem however is that those issues don\’t stay hidden. They tend to resurface with their ugliness multiplied.
So what do we do to avoid being hurt or fooled? The first step is to know God and have a personal relationship with Him. If you know God and walk with him, you gradually become the right person(without the masks) and attract the right kind of mate. The second point is to build yourself as a man or women of faith. Walking in faith in God\’s promises won\’t allow you to choose a \’mask\’ despite the pressure of time or circumstances. Neither will you compromise your standards for a member of the opposite sex at the expense of doing what is right. \"6469260-retro-woman-singing\"

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  1. Methinks the list should be top 10. No. 1 being default setting – Your desire shall be…Gen 3:16 & Survival Instincts, others encompass emotional stability/acceptance (in spite of abuse), physical security/comfort, attitude to finance, personality…Women operate on a far higher frequency, processing Futures & Options…Complex

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