Are you too open?

When we think of an open person we think of someone who is warm, friendly, transparent and accomodating. But, caution is advised. What you think is just your natural friendliness might be dangerous for you or might put you in unpleasant positions.
Being too open might expose you to manipulation by others. It gives someone else the right to have undue influence over you. It might even make others angry when you don\’t take their advice. The most feared consequence is it makes you vulnerable. And this vulnerability can come back to haunt you if your relationship with the person or persons turns sour. So, being open comes with serious risks.
Having said that, are there any things in life that are worth having that are not worth taking risks for? Openess leads to shared burdens. It can be a source of life-giving counsel and encouragment to others. It can deepen relationships and family ties. Being open to the right set of people can actually make life easier. The trick however as with most things in life is in the balancing. Wisdom is profitable. Be wise. Be open. But not too open.

3 thoughts on “Are you too open?”

  1. some editorial……’a word of caution: ‘ or ‘caution is advised’ or ‘a word of caution is in order’

    ’cause expose’ 🙂

    Whenever we open our hearts to others, we should be mindful of our core moral and spiritual principles and be quick to define our depths of interaction.

    we should also evaluate whether we are worthy of the confidence others have in us. We generally attract people with similar qualities, known or hidden….

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