Sons and Lovers

Episode 11.

By the end of the evening, Ruth knew the date had been perfect. She knew he was perfect too. He was charming and caring and knew all the right things to say. He also shared her beliefs. But she couldn’t ignore the feeling that she needed to hold back. They needed to go slow.
Tomiwa wished he could fast forward this process. Fast forward to the time when she could let go of her inhibitions and come to trust him. He could sense her hesitancy. He didn’t know what the reason was. But he wouldn’t rush it. He would just savor the moment. In time, she would come to understand that he wasn’t going anywhere.


Peter was distracted as he sat down in the lecture theater trying to crane his neck for a view of Ize. She hadn’t been in the lecture halls nor had she been in the cafeteria. He hadn’t caught a glimpse of her in the hallways. She was nowhere to be found. She wasn’t answering any of his calls or responding to any of his messages. She seemed like something of a loner so the people he casually enquired from could give no information. He blamed himself for going too slow. He did not know her hostel or whether she even lived on campus or not. It was like she had simply… disappeared.


Fola was tense as he sat under the tree waiting for Remi to show up. She had agreed to come all right but he couldn’t be sure she would. She’d probably send him a text message giving him some excuse as to why she couldn’t come. But it was now or never. He had to tell her his feelings…before it was too late. His was not just a ‘boy meets girl’ crush. He had spent some time praying over the issue and now he was sure. Remi was not just a friend to him. She was the one. Now, if he could only make her see that…
He got up from his seat as he saw her approaching and his heart raced. What was he going to say? He didn’t have the flowery wording that James Okadigbo had or his rugged good looks. Why would she choose him over James?
“Hi,” she said smiling at him as she sat down.
His mouth suddenly felt dry.
“Hi,” he responded weakly.
“You said you wanted us to talk,” she said.
“Well…,” he began. “I’ve noticed we don’t seem to be hanging out as much. Was it something I said or did?”
Remis sighed. “We’ve been over this Fola. It’s clear you’ve been avoiding me for some reason. I came here hoping you would tell me what it is.”
Fola’s heart leapt. “You’re right Remi. I have been avoiding you for quite some time now. I know I must have been acting strangely. It’s all for a reason,” he said slowly watching her face.
She turned to face him. “What?”
“I’m in love with you, Remi Falade,” he said gently.
The silence was deafening.



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