Critical Decision: Sandy-The Temptation

She is coming to see me today. I still
have not decided what to do. She had
sent me a BBM message that she was
longing to see me. We saw each other
two days ago. I am afraid to probe
further into what that \’longing\’ meant.
Would today be the day I drop my
convictions at the door? Maybe I have
been prudish…maybe a little kissing, just
a little sign of affection might not be as
bad as it seems.
All too soon, there is a knock on the
door. I take a look at myself and I see
shirt button hanging open. I quickly
fasten it before opening the door.
\”Hey,\” she says cheerily, giving me a
once over. She is dressed in a top and
skirt. Harmless enough, I thought.
\”Hi,\” I mumble. \”How was your day?\” I
ask as she sits down beside me on the
\”It\’s getting better,\” she says smiling at
me. Instinctively, my eyes go to her lips.
They are fuller than I ever noticed
before. The room begins to feel a little
hot so I stand up to open the windows.
\”How was yours?\” she asked me.
\”It was good. I was able to get a lot of
work done today.\”
\”That\’s good o. I\’m glad all my BBM
messages did not distract you from your
work,\” she says. I do not respond.
\”You know, you look so serious. You are
doing that thing to me again,\” she says
edging closer to me.
\”What thing?\” I ask, my heart thumping
in my chest.
\”This,\” she says as she puts her mouth
close to my face. I know what she is
about to do. But I don\’t know what to
do. I want her to do it, and I don\’t want her to. Should I push her away and risk hurting her deeply? Or just allow for one short small meeting of the lips?
What do I do?

By Victoria Ozidu

3 thoughts on “Critical Decision: Sandy-The Temptation”

  1. This brother has been caught in a trap, and it is best he runs away from a girl who intentionally or not, is trying to destroy him.

    World English Bible
    Ecclesiastes 7:26
    I find more bitter than death the
    woman whose heart is snares and
    traps, whose hands are chains.
    Whoever pleases God shall escape
    from her; but the sinner will be
    ensnared by her.

  2. He will be in ‘big trouble’ if he doesn’t ‘flee’ that scene ASAP!
    It is easier for a guy, especially one who is already thinking about how the kiss would go, to fall into such a trap being laid by the lady.
    I say again, FLEE!

  3. Ariyo Oluwabunmi

    D Bible says “Flee every appearance of evil”.Guard your heart with all diligence,for out of it flows the issues of life.The best I can say is “flee” or then he will yield.

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