Sons and Lovers.

Episode 17.


After they had finished telling her the story, Chidera rubbed her brow thoughtfully.
“Guys, I think I know who it is,” she said.
Then turning to Remi, she said: “Remi, do you remember that guy that Ruth told us about? The creep that kept chasing her?”
Remi pursed her lips in concentration then shook her head while Tomiwa said: “A creep was chasing her?”
Chidera gave Remi a playful punch. “I’m surprised you don’t remember. It was in our first year. This dude Dare or something asked Ruth out but she said no. She said she didn’t like him that he looked like a cultist or something. But he kept calling her and chasing after her. After a while, it seemed he gave up.”
Remi’s eyes lit up as she remembered. “Yeah, I remember that was why Ruth had to keep switching off her phone a lot when we were in 100 level.”
“Did you guys ever meet him?” Peter asked.
“I saw him once when he came to our dormitory. She refused to go out to meet him but pointed him out to me from the window,” Chidera said.
“Well, that’s some information. At least, we have an idea who the guy might be. We should go to the police with this,” Fola said.
“Fat chance the police are going to help us. We need to work on our own. And if he’s a cultist…” Tomiwa’s voice trailed off.
“Does anyone know which department he’s in?” Peter asked.
“He’s in her faculty,” Remi said with some uncertainty.
“I think so too,” Chidera concurred. “I think that was how she met him.”
“But Social Sciences is a very big faculty,” Fola said.
“Let’s go there now!” Tomiwa said.
“Guys, guys,” Chidera held up her hands. “I was reminded of something on my way here. It looks as if we have been doing too much talking but not enough asking.”
“Huh?” Remi asked puzzled.
“We need to pray for Ruth. Ask God to keep her safe till we get there and ask Him to help us figure this out. He’s faster than any policeman.”
Tomiwa sighed. “Fola, would you do us the honour?”
Fola bowed his head and the others followed suit.


Ize was shivering. She knew it was the withdrawal symptoms. Despite the fact that she was on a low dose of methadone, there didn’t seem to be anything strong enough to stop the shivering and the hallucinations. She needed a fix bad.
She shook her head as she paced round her room restless. She had gotten accommodation outside school because she wanted to be fully on her own but sometimes like now, she craved company. She remembered that Peter had told her to call him first anytime she felt like a fix. She reached for her phone and dialed his number. The line was busy. She got up and paced for another hour. But the shivering didn’t stop, it got worse and she couldn’t even pace anymore. Curling up into a fetal position, she reached for her phone again and dialed another number, a different number this time.


They finally stopped. It was still early evening and the sun was just setting. Ruth tried to peer out of the tinted windows. She had tried to pray but her mind kept throwing up horrifying images. She still could not figure out who had taken her and why. One of her captors dragged her out of the car and she could see a cream bungalow. She could not recognize the area though. It must be far from town. There were no buildings around the bungalow. A sense of dread filled her. Was this the slaughterhouse?
Her father and sisters would be so worried about her. How could she get to them?
They took her into the bungalow and she found herself in a small square room. It looked like a living room with furniture and a rug with a home theatre system. There, sitting right in the centre of the room, reclining on the sofa, she saw a familiar face, the first she had seen since her abduction.



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