I have no talent part 2

Jesus told the story of a travelling man who gave his servants talents (money).  (Matthew 25:14-30)
There are several lessons we can learn from this story.

Firstly; We have been given gifts by God to use on the earth.
Secondly; We have been given different kinds of gifts in different amounts.
Thirdly; Our abilities differ, and thus the gifts we have been given differ in type and amount.
Fourthly; There is an expectation on the gift we have been given. The expectation is increase.
Fifth; Our gifts have a larger purpose than ourselves.  We have a duty to use them to promote the Business of our maker.
Sixth; Our gifts increase in value only when we use them. The rate of increase is different for different gifts.
Seventh; Our Lord does not expect anything in excess of what our gifts can deliver. He values our hardwork and commitment to using them.
Eighth; There are rewards for judicious and correct use of our gifts.
Ninth; There is punishment for wasteful and incorrect use of our gifts
Tenth; We all have gifts. The person who really doesn\’t, is the one who has had it taken away because he/she buried it.

By Victor Olayemi

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