Sons and Lovers

Episode 18.


Ize wondered if she was on the right track. The streets were winding and unfamiliar. She did not know why they had changed their usual location. It was more convenient there. Now, she was driving too far away from town but she needed the stuff and needed it bad. Her hands were shaking on the steering wheel. Her phone rang and she glanced at it. It was Peter. She shook her head. It was too late now. She had already decided what she was going to do. After making a few more phone calls, she stopped in front of a cream bungalow.
“You!” Ruth spat out her face suffused with anger. “So it was you who did this?”
Dare grinned at her. He wore a tight T-shirt, his muscles visibly rippling through it. “Nice to see you too Ruth.” He got up and made as if to embrace her but she shrank back.
“How dare you?” she asked with venom. “Don’t you dare touch me.”
“So it’s that clown you can allow to touch you. That simpering fool. I should have taken him out when I had the chance.” Dare said, his voice thick.
Ruth put a hand to her heart. “Tomiwa! What did you do to him?” she asked, aghast.
Before she could get her answer, someone entered the room and effectively ended their conversation.


That night they met up again in Tomiwa’s room which was fast becoming their headquarters.
“What have you got?” Peter asked gesturing to Tomiwa and Remi who had gone on a fact finding mission to the faculty.
“We were able to find Dare’s room number but when we got there, as expected, he was not there,” Remi said.
Chidera said: “It wasn’t easy but we were able to find out the place where Dare and his guys use as a hangout in school. It’s a bar that’s close to the school’s second gate. Queen Alphy it’s called. Perhaps we could stake out the place.”
“I was able to file a missing person’s report,” Fola said. “The police said they will look into the matter. I wasn’t too convinced that they would but I managed to talk to one of the guys there. I think I’ve got us an ally if we need one.”
“Good work guys,” Tomiwa said. “It seems we’re closer to finding Ruth now than we were this afternoon. I just wish we’ve got an idea where she was.”
“I think we need to still do some asking again,” Remi said as the others took it as a cue to bow their heads.



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