Sons and Lovers.


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Episode 21

“Are you sure you can still find the way?” Peter asked once they were all settled in her car. She smiled at him, glad he wasn’t judging her. They had had a little talk away from the others and he had made her promise him that whenever she was having one of those cravings, she would contact him first. His concern for her was so apparent and real that she had to ask him: “Why are you so bothered about me Peter? Don’t tell me you’re my guardian angel.”
He had smiled at her and looked deep into her eyes and said seriously: “I care about you Ize. You mean so much to me.”
Her heart had soared with a high that she didn’t know existed at those words.
He pinched her chin and said: “Yep. The Lord and I have some work to do on you Ize.”
She didn’t know what he meant by ‘the Lord and I’ but she was willing to find out.
She drove slowly, enjoying the feel of Peter’s hand in hers as the rest of them snuggled together in the back. Fola had got the policeman who had proved to be an ally and he was following them in an unmarked car. Tomiwa’s head was bowed praying.
Fola sat next to Remi, a little stiffly. He tried not to let their shoulders touch in the crowded car. They had not had a chance to talk since they found out Ruth was missing. The silence between them was uncomfortably loud. Fola had decided that having Remi in his life as a friend was better than not having her in his life at all. But he still felt awkward, not knowing how to relate with her. They both watched Chidera as she pecked away on her phone giving Richard up to date information on the chase.
Chidera had pulled Remi aside just before they left and told her: “I’m sticking with Richard. I know he’s the one. It’s going to be rough but I’m glad I’ll have you and Ruth to hold my hand.”
Remi had told her how happy she was for her but inwardly wondered what was wrong with her own love life. Everyone around her seemed sure of what they wanted. She didn’t even know what that was anymore.
She stole a glance at Fola. Wonderful, dependable, steady, large-hearted Fola. He didn’t have half the swag of Tomiwa or the spontaneity of Peter but he was fun all the same. He had always been her friend and he knew her better than anyone. She wished she knew what to do. She sighed inwardly and let her thoughts stray to Ruth. She prayed she was safe and wondered what she was doing that very moment.


She could hear the sound of the door opening and instantly her heart was in her throat. It couldn’t be Dare. He had said he would give her till evening to think about it. It wasn’t even dark yet.
“God please,” she thought desperately. She had no means to defend herself. She did not want her friends to come and rescue her from Dare’s clutches when it was already too late. Where were they anyway?
Dare came into the room without ceremony holding a purple dress in his hand.
He dropped it on the rug. “Get dressed,” he said as she stared at it unbelievably.
“We’re going out!”
Ruth’s jaw dropped. This was not in the plan at all. Had dare somehow figured out what she had done?
“Start getting dressed Ruth. We don’t have all day. I’ll be back for you in five minutes,” and with that he left the room locking the door securely behind him.
Ruth stared at the dress searching desperately for an answer and a way out.



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