Are you a plodder?

Are you a plodder?

Most of us are in a waiting period of our lives. Awaiting one form of breakthrough or the other. We are looking forward to something good happening in our lives. The promises of God finally being fulfilled so that we can finally live our lives the way we’d always imagined.
While we wait, there is a tendency to get fatigued. We get fatigued doing the things we are meant to be doing. We get tired of doing good. Tired of performing the same righteous acts day after day.
A plodder however is one who does not give up. He does not need revival meetings or big seminars or any outside motivation to get him to stay faithful. He does his righteous acts day in day out whether he is recognized for it or not. He makes a habit of doing right every time. He is not too tired to read his Bible every day, pray or witness for Christ as opportunities arise. It is not that he does not appreciate great bursts’ of inspiration but he does not need them to perform the daily will of God. Other people after attending a believer’s meeting, get excited and begin to practice well-doing but as soon as the excitement wears off, the motivation does too and they give up. A plodder however keeps plodding on.
Many begin the race. Beginning is easy. Finishing is difficult. Many who begin with a great burst of speed will never make it. They bask in the limelight of popularity, but when the popularity diminishes, so does their stamina. The plodder draws from the well of inspiration he has in his own heart. He has developed a personal relationship with God and will continue whether anyone stands with Him or not. He knows that God will never leave him or forsake him. And that is the source of the courage he gets to keep plodding on.

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  1. Great exhortation! As long as we remain convinced the course we are on is the Lord’s will, there is no reason to give up.

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