Sons and Lovers.

Episode 22.

They got to the front of the building and it seemed shrouded in darkness.
“Are you sure this is the place?” Remi asked Ize.
“I’m sure,” she said. They crept stealthily towards the house with the plain clothes policeman in the lead. Two people were mandated to stay by the car to serve as backup.
“You guys are the ones with the visual problems,” Peter said pointing to Remi and Fola. “We don’t want either of you to trip over your glasses in the dark.”
“Very funny,” Fola said. “And I’m wearing contacts, not glasses,” Remi corrected him.
“We’ll stay,” Fola conceded.
If this was a lame attempt by Peter to draw them together then it wouldn’t work, Remi thought but she did not say anything.
“Alert us if you hear anything,” the policeman said.
The rest of them proceeded towards the house.
Peter was armed with a stick and the others grabbed whatever they could find. They were surprised to find that the house seemed eerily quiet. They saw no one and the policemen was able to pick the simple lock.
When they stepped into the house however an alarm went off. One really loud that they stopped in their tracks.
“Did you hear that?” Remi asked, her skin prickling at the loud noise, involuntarily moving closer to Fola.
“Don’t flip out,” he said putting an arm around her. She felt much safer though she didn’t want to admit it. “Let’s just keep our eyes and ears open.”
As if on cue, something moved behind them. Remi jumped. “What was that?” she asked.
Fola turned around but kept a grip on her arm. ‘I can’t see anything, can you?” he asked quietly.
“No,” she whispered. Then they both saw a hint of a shadow move in front of them.
“There’s someone there,” Fola said. “It may be Ruth. We have to find out. You know what? Ypu stay here and I’ll just go and find out.”
“No, no. I’m coming with you,” Remi said holding on to his arm. She was terrified.
“Ok,” he said. Fola began to move slowly in front of him headed towards the shadow.


Ruth could not believe they were in the restaurant and that she was actually sitting across from Dare in the purple dress he gave her. It seemed like a very bad dream. Totally unreal. But here she was. She really didn’t know how she was going to get out of this one.
“You know, you really look stunning,” Dare said smiling at her. “It would be so much easier for everyone if you could just see things my way.”
“I don’t know why you’re doing this to me Dare. I don’t want to have anything to do with you,” she said through gritted teeth.
“Oh you will Ruth. Especially after the night I have planned for you,” he said confidently.
He beckoned to the waiter. “Two glasses of wine please.”
Ruth said a prayer under her breath. Perhaps she should just ask to go to the ladies and then try to make a run for it. She would wait till after the first course was served.


The shadow was running and Fola tried his best to keep up in the bushes that surrounded the house. Remi was right behind him and they were both panting hard. Then it stopped suddenly and Fola waited. A figure emerged from the darkness brandishing a knife.
“Back off,” the man said in a guttural voice advancing towards them slowly. He came towards them with Remi cowering behind Fola. “I’m sure you don’t want to get hurt,” he said menacingly inches away from Fola’s face.
Fola held out his hands in a gesture of surrender and then in a gesture born out of pure instinct gave the man a kick to the groin. The man crumpled to the ground as Remi watched slack-jawed. She glanced at Fola who had wrested the knife from him. She knew she would never see him the same way again. Fola was her best friend, her rock, the shoulder to cry on. Today he had become her hero.


Alex the policeman who had been of such tremendous help to them, hereded the three men into his car. The three of them were sleeping in their rooms blissfully unaware obviously not expecting any visitors till the alarm woke them up. They had been able to catch two of them in their rooms even after the alarm went off but one had escaped through the windows. Fola’s quick thinking had made the capture of the third man possible, Alex said.
Peter clapped his friend on the back. “Who knew you were a regular John Wayne?” he said. Ize smiled and said: “Remind me to call you any time I need rescuing.”
Fola tried to look unaffected by all the compliments but he looked undoubtedly pleased when Remi threw her arms around him. “You were phenomenal,” she whispered.
Tomiwa nodded at their display. “Now it’s time to go get my girl back,” he said.
They broke away and headed towards the car.
“I’m taking the wheels this time,” Tomiwa said moving to the front. It was time to end this.



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