Sons and Lovers. Series Finale


Today marks the long awaited end of our Sons and Lovers series. We do hope you\’ve enjoyed the ride. We hope to bring you another exciting series soon.

Episode 23.

Ruth struggled to swallow the bites of the appetizer that had been served them and then cleaned her mouth with her napkin. It was time.
“Excuse me Dare, I need to go to the ladies.” She said hoping he wouldn’t argue with her.
“Oh. That’s fine darling,” he said smiling at her. “Take your time.” She got up and out of the corner of her eye she saw him wink at someone. That was when she noticed for the first time that one of his guys had followed them to the restaurant and now apparently he was going to follow her to the rest room. She took a deep breath and walked in the direction of the conveniences.


Tomiwa was in a hurry to park at the restaurant and the tires screeched on the pavement. Peter put a steadying hand on his arm. “Be cool man. We’re here.”
They were all thankful that one of the three guys that were sitting with Alex in the car knew exactly where Dare had taken Ruth.
“So we’ll go in together,” Alex said directing everyone with his hands. “Then we’ll spread out and look for them.”
At the entrance of the restaurant, Alex discreetly showed the security man his badge. “Nobody leaves the building,” he said in a low voice.
As soon as they entered the restaurant and looked around, Chidera pointed towards a guy in a white shirt backing them. “Over there. I think he’s the one.”
“But Ruth isn’t there,” Ruth murmured.
Tomiwa took giant strides towards the direction Remi was pointing just as Alex shouted: “Freeze! Police!” “Nobody moves,” Peter said in an authoritative tone as he walked behind Tomiwa. Fola grinned at him. “You’ve always wanted to say that, haven’t you?”
Peter nodded as Tomiwa jerked Dare up by the collar, anger giving him a boldness he never knew he had. “Where is she?” he shouted.
Dare feigned innocence. “Leave me alone man. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“You better tell us where she is. We already have your men,” Peter said in a threatening tone as the whole of the restaurant watched in shocked silence.
Dare jerked free of Tomiwa’s hold. “If it’s Ruth you’re talking about, I don’t know where she is. She was here a while ago but she has left now.”
“Liar!” Tomiwa said taking hold of his arm again. “Where have you hidden her?”
“You’ll never find her!” Dare said suddenly, laughing loudly. As he did so, his eyes darted to and fro as if looking for someone. An idea struck Fola and he tapped Peter on the arm. “Just a minute Peter,” he said and they both walked in the direction of the rest rooms.


Ruth had checked through all the stalls but there was no way out. It seemed that people only escaped through the toilets in the movies. There were no windows in any of the stalls. She flushed the toilet bowl and decided to give up and come out. Perhaps God had another plan to save her and she did not want one of Dare’s henchmen to burst in on her and pull her out. After the sound of flushing stopped, she heard voices outside the door. Voices she recognized.
“Do you think we should go in and look for her?” Fola said.
“I’ve never entered a ladies rest room, have you?” Peter said, a little nervously.
“So you think we’ll be scarred for life? Come on dude,” Fola said jokingly.
Ruth could take it no longer and she burst out of the toilet.
“Finally!” she said surprising them. “It’s about time.”
They shrieked and hugged her and walked her towards where Tomiwa had Dare in a headlock, threatening to punch him until he gave up the information about Ruth’s whereabouts. As soon as he saw her, he dropped Dare like a ton of bricks as Ruth walked tentatively towards him. Their eyes met and misted for a moment and then their embrace spoke more than words could have said.


Richard tried to keep up with the gist that was going on around him as they sipped on soft drinks and dug their feet into the sand, but it was hard to piece the whole story together as everyone kept talking at the same time. They were having a small get-together at a nearby beach, thankful for all that had happened to them.
“I didn’t know Fola was so macho!” Chidera laughed punching her friend in the arm.
“Hey I’m macho too,” Richard said puffing out his chest.
“That you are,” Chidera said also giving him a playful punch.
“Hey I helped Fola too,” Remi added. “I was brave.”
“Yes. She was my wingman,” Fola said putting an arm around her. They had had no time to talk about what the dynamics of their relationship was but there was an understanding between them. They had definitely come out of the friend zone.
“You guys have forgotten the real hero in all this,” Peter said pulling Ize down on the sand beside him.
“Yes, if it weren’t for Ize we wouldn’t have been able to track Ruth sat all,” Chidera said gaily.
Ize got up from beside Peter and gave a mock curtsey as everybody laughed. “Glad to be of service.”
As if on cue, everyone’s heads turned in the direction of Tomiwa and Ruth who were holding hands seemingly lost in a world of their own.
“Oh, look at them,” Ize exclaimed. “They make an adorable pair.”
Peter looked round at the two other couples beside them. “So do we,” he said expansively.
Chidera was running towards the waves as the tide came in.
“Hey you guys, let’s try to catch this one,” she said excitedly. Her gay voice interrupted the lovebirds and everyone moved towards the shore grateful for the life and love that surrounded them.


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