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What is Love?
My mother always serves my daddy 3 pieces of meat, then serves herself one, sometimes she doesn’t take any, that’s love. (Chioma age 10)
Love is when you give someone the last dodo on your plate. (Solape, age 8)
Love is when my mummy and my daddy wear the same clothes on Sunday. (Kola, age 9)
Love is an intense feeling of affection and care towards another person. (Isaac, age 11)

How do you decide whom to marry?
You write the name of the people who want to marry you, then you take it to alagba in the church, he will pray and tell you. (Folake age 9)
You will go to Ori-Oke for 7 days then you will see vision of whom to marry. ( Pelumi, age 9)
You will look at the girl very well. You will look at her front and her back. If you like what you see then marry her. (Ikenna age 10)
By the help of God. (Isaac, age 11)

How can a stranger tell if two people are married?
If they sit down together in the car for hours and don’t talk to each other(Marvelous, age 10)
If when they want to talk to each other they start by calling each other-“Daddy , “Mummy”(Eniade age 8)
The stranger will see the love between them-the guy will always be around the gal(stalking)- (Isaac, age 11)

How will you escape from a first date turning sour?
I will call my daddy to come and carry me.(Tinuke, age 8)
I will tell him I have stomach upset and go to the toilet and never come back. (Solape, age 8)
I will tell her I have Evola (Timothy, age 11)

How will you make a marriage work?
I will take my wife to see the pastor. (Femi, age 9)
I will hire a house help to help me do all the work. (Solape age 8)
By the help of God.(Isaac, age 11)
Is it better to be single or married?
It is better to be married. All my mum’s friends are married and rich and they travel to Dubai every month. (Eniade, age 8)
It is better to be single so I can be allowed to play my play-station in peace. (Isaac, age 11)
Choiceful (Temilade, age 10)

How do you get someone to fall in love with you?
You will sing Davido’s ‘Baby Hello’ to them. (Dele, age 10)
You will send them your picture on Facebook (Jumoke, age 10)
Check the internet, it helped me a lot. ( Timothy, age 11)

P.S: Have you ever asked your kid brother or sister these questions? What were their responses? Let us know in the comment box.

7 thoughts on “What Love Is…Naija Kids Version”

  1. Heh heh heh heh. I thought it was Wande Coal that sang “Baby Hello”? Anyway, I have the perfect one from my own childhood: “Love is when Mummy starts making pounded yam for Daddy’s supper even when he gets home at 9pm in the night”.

  2. Aww. Such a perfect African example. Yes it was Wande Coal. I’m guessing Dele did not know that though. It’s also good to look at the bigger picture. The ideas these kids have, they picked from around them. Some of the ideas are downright hilarious and show how shallow people can be about love, some are perfectly true, others like a couple sitting in the car for hours and not talking are quite sad. Ask yourself this question: What picture am I presenting to the younger generation in the name of love?

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