Diary Of A Fusspot 20


The plan for now was that we would communicate with Mr. Madu and Edison would act as if he was her divorce lawyer. Hopefully, we would be able to get him to respond or even come down to Nigeria to have his estate settled. We had reported to the police that we had heard from Mr. Madu but as he was far beyond their reach, they told us that there was little they could do. Typical Nigerian police.

Edison had also filed a motion for postponement of the trial and cited the reason that an important witness was at large. We were awaiting the judge’s ruling on that. If it was granted, it would buy us more time to bring Madu home to justice.

I poured another cup of tea for myself and sat down beside Titi in my living room. She hadn’t been sleeping well and she looked dreadful. She had been having nightmares of her husband trying to suffocate her. She wasn’t able to go out or even go and see her child because she was afraid he would trace her and kidnap the child. It was a dire state of affairs and I feared for her physical and mental health.

“Titi, you cannot continue living in fear like this. It’s time you went on the offensive,” I said taking hold of one of her hands. It was very cold and she was trembling.

“Easy for you to say Chinelo. You’re not the one living with a gun pointed at your head.” She sputtered out.

“Hmm. I’m going through some tough times here too,” I said gently.

She looked contrite. “I’m sorry Chi. I know you are. Everything seems so hopeless and difficult. I don’t understand what it is you mean by being on the offensive. Do you want me to fight him or what?”

“Yes. Fight but don’t fight him. Fight the real enemy. Fight for his soul, do your fighting in the spirit. Satan is doing everything he can to discourage you and paralyze you so you cannot take a step forward. It’s high time you let Him know that God is in charge.”

“I hear you Chi, But I still don’t know how to do it. Will you show me?” she said giving me a pleading look with her eyes.

I picked up my Bible. “First, we need to understand what the Word of God says to us so we declare it to ourselves and rebuke the devil. It says here:  I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions…and nothing shall by any means harm you…”



That evening, I sat in front of my computer and meditated on the events of the day. I had developed a new practice of doing that and thanking God for the little victories of the day. I was glad Titi was beginning to see that she could trust God and lean on Him. We also discussed seemingly more practical things about the possibility of her needing to get a lawyer. I promised her that I would testify if it ever became necessary. After all that happened between her and her husband, the chances of reconciliation seemed slim. But there was nothing impossible for Him to do… As I was meditating I felt a nudge in my spirit to check my mail. I was shocked to see a letter of invitation for an interview. I was amazed when I saw the name of the company.

It was the same company I had been interviewed in last month.  The one that had decided I was overqualified. Lord, what are you trying to do here?


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