Books that talk: Thirty things you must do before you are thirty


I am not a fan of books with lists but this book by Ayotunde Okunowo is about to make me change my mind. He says the objective of his book is to put to the consciousness of all youths, that for them to reach the desired heights in life, they must either be running with a vision, going on a mission or burning with passion, less their lives be reduced to naught. I think to a large extent the book manages to carry out that objective. He wants us to run while we are young. The principles for the most part are plain common sense. Some are not so easy like \’you must have become somebody\’s mentor\’, some are inevitable like \’you must have gotten your idiosyncrasies\’, some seem a little incredible like \’you must have written your obituary.\’ The book is largely a reminder that life is short and we need to do as much as we can while we are young. At the end of the book is a list of people who managed to acheive a lot under the age of 30, just to show that it is possible to be a high flyer by that age. Yes, you can be a millionaire before the age of 30! And if you are over thirty, don\’t worry, you can still join the acheivers list!
Do try to buy this book, study it, read it over and over again and use it as an assesment tool to see just how far you\’ve flown. See you at the top!

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