Books that talk: A life God rewards

Books that talk: A Life God rewards


Bruce Wilkinson wrote this little book about what your reward is in eternity for what you do for Him today. There are two major keys he says. One is belief. The other is behavior.

He claims that the future holds great promise for fulfillment and reward if we make certain choices.

This quaint book serves to remind us that eternity is not too far way. Wars and rumors of wars are rampant; things that were only figments of the imagination in the past have become common place today. We need to realize that there is something more to life than having comforts. It teaches that what we do today does matter… for our future!

Personally, the book made me look forward to a ‘well done.’

An excerpt from the book reads:

‘I remember when Darlene Marie and I first chose to believe in God’s eternal reward and live for that Day. It dramatically changed our actions and priorities. It reordered how our family handled our money, our time and our abilities. It added new, obvious urgency to how we tended unfinished business. We became more grateful, more overwhelmed by the kindness of God.

And we began to live every day for the Rewarder’s ‘well done.’

This is what this book will do to you, make you wish for the eternal reward. Check for it in a bookstore today.

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