Book review: Dazzle me forever

I have read this book with some intensity, and I am utterly dazzled by the creative fecundity, elegant style and masterly skills of the author of this book. Dr Victoria Ozidu writes with clinical precision and descriptive vividity.
The plot of the narrative is written around three main motifs: love, crime and justice. Of course, we can see the intruding themes of politics, art and religion as well.
The story starts out quite romantically with the chance encounter of Foluke Peters, the heroine of the book and the quickly fatalized Tade Majekodunmi, the quickly fatalized pair hero. Between the duo, what starts out as romantic fantasies soon dovetails into marital bliss; only for a reversal of fortune to set in with the gruesome, but later discovered to be premeditated murder of Tade. With the dazzling master interred, the authour through creative devious creative ingenuity is able to sustain our interest through serpentine but highly interesting journeys.
The story begins to glide into a thriller as the quest to unmask the killers of Tade begins. Intermittenly, the author finds a space for Chioma and Linda to find love, while the heroine, Bassey Ekpeyong and Chioma are shown the path to Christ.
Eventually, the story changes gear with the death of Tade per se, but with the abduction and harrasment of his queen. We are led in an excursion into the chambers of the underworld and their life of secrecy. We travel through intricate layers and cells of minions to get to the lords of the manor-who are never seen. For example, we do not get to see the mythical general till the end of the narrative.
The author must be commended for an almost flawless felicity of language. Her use of description and dramatic dialogue makes the book unputdownable. This prose is recommended to as many lovers of literature for pleasure and literary criticism.
Mr. Sunday Aniyi.
P.S; For more info on how to purchase the book, call 07063192371 or 07033957230 or contact the author at

7 thoughts on “Book review: Dazzle me forever”

  1. Sis! With this book…mehn you nailed it! Wonderful characters…intriguing story line…excellent finish! Am super duper proud of you sis!

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