Sons and Lovers.

Episode 8.


Tomiwa didn\’t know how much he missed her till he saw again. He heard his name from across the room and he turned slowly as if in slow motion. There, standing before him in all her loveliness was Ruth. He gasped and blinked at the same time.
\”Ruth, it\’s so great to see you,\” he said slowly.
She smiled and held out her hand. \”You too.\”
He took her fingers when he wanted to take her in his arms.
\”How are you?\” he asked his voice thick.
\”I\’m hanging in there.\”
\”When did you get back?\”
\”Yesterday evening.\” He wanted to ask her why she hadn\’t called him but held his tongue. Besides, seeing her now was enough.
\”I was actually on my way to the hostel when I spotted you here and decided to say hi,\” Ruth said almost shyly.
\”Thanks. I appreciate that,\” he said as he searched for the right words to say. \”I hope you won\’t think this indelicate of me but you kind of owe me a date. The one we had was interrupted by a distress call from your friend. This time, we\’d have one with no interruptions.\”
\”I\’d like that,\” Ruth said smiling.
He smiled back. She was really here.


Peter gasped in suprise. She was here. The short hair, the hands slouched in the pocket of those faded jeans. She was really in the cafeteria obviously ordering rice and vegetable salad. He cleared his throat and walked up close to her.
\”Hello,\” he said softly. She showed no indication that she heard him so he leaned a little closer to her.
He tried a little louder. \”Hello,\” he said again.
\”What do you want?\” she asked him. Her voice was hoarse. It sounded like she had been crying but there was no evidence on her face.
He swallowed before answering. \”Your name for starters.\”
She didn\’t answer him but walked straight to a nearby table. He followed and sat down beside her.
\”My name is Ize,\” she said as she took in a spoonful of food.
\”Ize-spelt as it is pronounced.\”
\”Ok,\” he said slowly. It was an interesting name. He didn\’t want to take chances on pronouncing it though in case he made a mistake. He was guessing she was from the middle belt.
\”I\’m Peter,\” he offered.
\”Ok,\” she said dabbing at her mouth. \”Now that we\’ve exchanged names, what next?\”
Peter smiled. He really liked this girl. She was feisty. What next? Well, now it begins.
\”What\’s next is that we exchange numbers. And then we become friends.\”



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