Focus on the family: A family that prays together

A family that prays together…
From somewhere far away, you rouse and awaken. You look at the time. 6.30 am. There is no miracle for this. You will most definitely be late. You look over at your wife who is still sleeping, smiling in her sleep. Possibly dreaming of the other angels she had left behind in heaven before coming to meet you. You wish she had woken you up though. She knew what a sound sleeper you were. But you couldn’t fault her since you had kept her awake last night. You shake her gently. She moans and turns over.
“Honey wake up,” you say beside her ear.
She gets up groggily and rubs her eyes. Then you run into the shower.
“My goodness,” you hear her say over the running water. She obviously has looked at the time.
“‘Let’s try to hurry up dear,” you call out to her. “We might still make it to the office before its too late.”
“Dear, do you realize we haven’t prayed yet?” she asks in that soft voice of hers.
You hit your head with the sponge. Of course! It was your duty as head of the family to ensure that prayers were said every morning. What was that phrase? A family that prays together, stays together. But this morning?
“Honey, are you done? I need to get into the shower,” your wife calls out. You sigh in frustration. You’ve been there for only half a minute. You reach for the towel and skip out of the bathroom.
You manage to cram 3 slices of toast in your mouth with a swig of tea. You look at the time. It is 7.00. If there isn’t too much traffic, you can still make it to the office by 8. But then, your keys decide to get missing. So you search all over the house and waste fifteen minutes before you find it under your pillow. You decide just to be thankful that you’ve found it. Before you can leave though, the wife comes out of the bedroom, all dressed up and sipping tea.
“Honey, we haven’t prayed yet,” she reminds you as she gulps down the remains of her tea. Then she takes hold of your hand. A sigh escapes your lips. This has to be done.
“Father, as we go on our way today we commit ourselves into your hands. Let us have cause to glorify your name at the end of the day In Jesus name.”
Before your wife finishes saying amen, your hand is on the doorknob. 7.30 am. You will never make it in time. You shake your head as you move towards the car. Now, its just the two of you. If you can’t find time to pray now, what would happen when you have kids?
“Darling,” your wife calls out as you put the keys in the ignition. “You really have to work out how we can spend more time as a family praying together. Remember you are the priest of this home.”
“Yeah yeah,” you mutter to yourself as you back out of the driveway. Leave it to your wife to leave the difficult jobs to you. Why did devotions seem much easier when you were single?

P.S: If this scenario exists in Christian homes today, then there might be trouble. How easy is it and realistic is it for a Christian family to always pray together?

3 thoughts on “Focus on the family: A family that prays together”

  1. Hmmm….sometimes i think it about cultivating a habit or sticking to a routine…we need to understand that the principles that guard our actions especially our spiritual values would go a long way,even after we get married…,so if its a norm to be up at 5am every morning to be alone with God,it winter necessarily have to change after u get married…(note that when i say ‘you’ i mean male -husband to be and female-wife to be)..However if being an early riser is a issue,which means that u didn’t get a chance to practice 5am alone with God things….then u ll just have to ask yourself what your priorities are after u get married…..
    Talking about priorities,if praying together as a family is important to you (lady or gent) then u ll not always wait around for your husband or wife to initiate it…this does not reduce the importance of d man taking up d responsibly,being d priest of the home,but hey,who says a priest can’t be helped every once in a while….Praying together as a family is an important principle that a successful Christian home cannot ignore or take lightly….Great stuff Vikkie…

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