Sons and Lovers

  • Episode 9.


Chidera knocked at the door of Richard\’s room with some trepidation. Remi had said she owed it to him to tell him what was going on. Richard in turn had been complaining that she was avoiding him. But he didn\’t know what she was up against. What if someone was watching her, right at this moment as she stood outside his door?
He opened the door, his eyes bleary and his hair tousled from sleep.
\”Hello stranger,\” he said smiling. \”Nice suprise.\”
She smiled and didn\’t answer, but edged past him into his room.
\”There\’s something I need to ask you,\” she said without preamble. \”But before I do, I want you to promise you\’ll be honest with me.\”
He gave her a searching look and cleared his throat. \”Sure.\”


Fola accosted Remi in front of her hostel.
\”Hey,\” she said when she saw him walking towards her.
\”Hey yourself,\” he said forcing a smile. \”Where have you been?\”
\”What do you mean?\” She asked him, her voice even. \”I\’ve been going to class, i\’ve been in the hostel, been at fellowship. You know, I could ask you the same thing.\”
\”Remi-\” he began as her phone rang,
\”Yeah James,\” she said into the phone. \”I\’m in front of the hostel. I\’m on my way. Ok, see you soon.\”
She placed her phone back in her pocket and turned to face Fola.
\”I\’m sorry Fola. Gotta go. See you later.\”
Fola watched her go, his hands hung helplessly at his sides and gave a muted scream when she finally walked out of sight.



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