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Ever wonder why some people change the way they look or wanna be like someone else? One person looks at another person and wants to be like him or her. The fat gal wants to be thin and the thin gal wants to ‘add some weight’. The tall and slim guy wants to be like the guy with the athletic build because he believes that is what everyone wants….you even hear comments like “oh gal please you need to add some weight” or “No gal wants a guy who doesn’t have an athletic body”. Well, says who?
Who says you are not pretty cos you are fat or that nogirl will like you cos you are slim and not ‘muscular’? Who says that because you smile too much…you are stupid or naïve or without emotions? Since when did personality become about what you are on the outside and not who you are on the inside?
Don’t you ever get tired of people judging you by what they see on the outside and not paying attention to who you are on the inside? Who you are on the inside is who you really are!!!! Who decides that you are beautiful, smart, intelligent or deserving of success? For how long will you allow people to tell you what you are and what you should or shouldn’t be?
The bible says I am fearfully and wonderfully made by God!!! And guess what…..I believe it. I believe it cos the Bible tells me so. So when am tempted to believe that am not smart or beautiful, I just remind myself of what God says of me and how much He loves me. Now that doesn’t mean that I don’t take care of my body… I do, I just don’t let my outer appearance dictate my personality….rather I make my personality reflect on the outside.
Are you getting my drift? I ask again….Who says? Who says you can’t be all that you can be? You are smart, intelligent, beautiful, handsome…..most importantly YOU ARE LOVEDBY GOD HIMSELF!!!! So radiate your inner beauty and stop buying into Satan’s crap or the world’s idea of what goes and what doesn’t…set your own standards and watch the world respect you for it.
I wanna end this piece with an action point. This is what you should do for yourself;
 First of all you need to love your body. Appreciate your psychological makeup, your round smiley face, your little or “nonexistent” chest, your big tummy….getting the drift? Love yourself!!! Work on things you can change like the big tummy (there are many tricks on reducing that) and love what you can’t; God made you that way for a reason.
 Also, look in the mirror often and repeat God’s wonderful promises to yourself…say it till you believe it!!! When tempted to feel worthless, repeat the promise to yourself. My all-time favorite is “I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus”.
 Decongest your ‘friendship cabinet’!!! Remove people who constantly drag you down and make you feel silly or any of those kinda ‘feelings’. Surround yourself with cheerful, positive people, people who challenge your mind and inspire you to be a better person. You will be glad you did.
 Finally, always raise your chin high ‘cos you are precious and you are loved!!!! Never ever forget that…now go out there and be the best you can be.

Lois Ozidu

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